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Release Date

September 30, 2021


Playing With Spencer

Izaia Winter

Series: Different Hearts,
Book 6
Tropes: DD/lg, MM

Spencer desperately wants to love a little, but it’s not in the cards for him.

Spencer Howell knows what it’s like to get burned, and once was enough for him. Littles are strictly off limits. It doesn’t matter how cute they are, or how much their innocent smiles warm his heart. He knows to keep his distance. And he’s fine with that… most of the time.

Turner is a little looking for his perfect Daddy.

As a little, Turner Keene has only ever played with his best friend in the safety of his own home, and he’s perfectly happy with that even if he sometimes longs for a Daddy. Where does one even go to find a Daddy? It’s not like they grow on trees. When the owners of a local BDSM club want Turner to be their new toy supplier, he’s thrust into a world he never knew existed. Maybe finding a Daddy will be easier than it seems.

After a chance meeting, Spencer finally finds his match.

When Spencer meets Turner, all he sees is a cute, sweet, naturally submissive boy. And so what if he has a few little tendencies, Turner isn’t a little. He’s safe. And when Turner looks at Spencer, all he sees is a handsome, funny guy who likes to bake. There is no way he knows about littles and Daddies, and there is no way he’ll understand. He’s not safe. When Spencer finds out about Turner’s little side, will he overcome his fears and stay? When problems from Spencer’s past come back to haunt him, will Turner stand by his side and defend him?

Author’s Note: This book contains scenes depicting consensual non-consent. If you’re looking for some hardcore/dark BDSM romance, this isn’t that book. I live to write cute, sweet, feel-good romance. And just because Spencer and Turner like things a little spicy doesn’t mean they’re not going to get the same treatment. Enjoy!

WARNING: This book is intended for Adult (18+) readers. I try to write all books so that they can be read and understood as stand-alone stories. However, reading them all together will create a more complete and rich experience as past characters can and will make surprise appearances.

~77k words

Story Contains: Some Angst, MM Sexual Content, General Kink, BDSM Elements, Power Exchange Relationships, Impact Play, Age Play, Daddy Kink, Spanking, Consensual Non-consent Roleplay, Some Mild Diaper Play (Only Worn), Fast Feelings, Super Sweet Overload Like Always, and Happily Ever Afters.

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