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Release Date

October 1, 2021



Cee Bowerman

Series: Time Served MC (Tenillo Guardians TSMC),
Book 4
Tropes: MC Romance

“I didn’t know what life could be until I found you. I never imagined a happy future until I saw one with you by my side.”

Preacher is a man who’s set in his ways, and even though he seems grumpy, he’s content with the life he’s made for himself. After he’s called back home to Tenillo to join his Time Served brothers at their mentor’s bedside, he decides to stay for good. He’s convinced that the love he once felt as a teenager is all he’s ever going to experience, and he’s content with that until he sees his brothers finding women and love he’s only ever dreamed about.

Blue is a wild one with a funny sense of humor and a prickly temperament. Not one to ever conform to society’s standards, she wears her differences out in the open for the world to see. She’s known love in her lifetime and experienced heartache more than once, so now, she’s ready to make a life where the only person she has to worry about is herself.

Preacher gets to know Blue and starts to question ideas he’s been tied to for most of his life. Once he realizes that he can move forward, he wants nothing more than to do that with Blue by his side. Their unexpected attraction turns to burning desire. Once they realize they’re meant to be together, nothing can tear them apart.

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