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Release Date

September 30, 2021


Replacing a Highland Bride

Olivia Kerr

Series: Highlands' Partner in Crime,
Book 9
Tropes: Highlander

Is she doomed to suffer the same fate as her sister?

After losing a wife, a decent man would most certainly not… ask her younger sister to marry him! However, this is precisely what Laird Fraser did, so Ailsa Baxter learned about the death of her beloved sister and that she is about to replace her by marrying the Laird, on the same day. Devastated that she has to spend her life next to a man who treats women like livestock, the young lass moves to the Laird’s castle, afraid of what she will encounter there.

Indeed, every day next to the old Laird seems as long as a year, and Ailsa feels that the best days of her life are behind her. However, the appearance of a mysterious man called Stuart, who arrives wounded and barely conscious at their door, comes to disrupt her colorless life. Stuart is the exact opposite of her husband; built like a bear, he stands taller than any man Ailsa has ever seen, and his wounds seem to affect him little, as his body is covered with hard muscles.

The Laird would have shown no care for him, but Stuart seems to have acquired these wounds by the same bandits who allegedly killed Ailsa’s sister and stole gold from the Laird. Ailsa had no idea that along with her sister, gold was lost, and she is disgusted that the Laird cares much more about finding his gold than about punishing the murderers of his wife…

Ailsa must stay close to the huge man if she wants to convince him to help her discover what was the fate of her sister, but the two have to meet in secret as the Laird forbids Ailsa to see him. Even though Stuart lays wounded in bed, being close to him feels dangerous. He could kill someone with his bare hands, and yet, to Ailsa’s surprise, he seems gentle with her and willing to listen to her request.

By his reaction, it seems that the giant wants to help her, but for unknown reasons, he tells her that he can not, and before he has the chance to recover fully, he is gone! Ailsa will not miss this one chance to find out what happened to her sister, so she decides to go after the man. The lass knows that her choice was reckless, and yet, the terror she will live the following days will make her life close to the Laird look idyllic. Stuart warned her to stay away from him, and he says that now, not even he can help her make it out alive…

“Replacing a Highland Bride” is a standalone steamy story by Olivia Kerr, packed with mystery, romance, and redemption set on the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish Highlands

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