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Release Date

October 2, 2021


Sassy Cowgirl Kisses

Kathy Fawcett

Series: A West Brothers Romance,
Book 5

Sunbathing with sheep in a pink bikini. Secrets that shake West Ranch to its core. Sassy is in town for the summer, and young Ash West may never recover.

Sassy worked hard to get her summer internship at West Ranch. She had to – she made a promise and she aims to keep it, even if her mission drops like a bomb on the ranch hands she cares for. But every time she turns around, a certain cowboy seems to be rescuing her from scrapes and distracting her from her mission. Even his awkward attempts at flirting are cute and disarming.

Finally through with college, Ash West is ready to help run the ranch, but instead he keeps running into their new intern, Sassy. Ash knows that nothing but trouble lies behind Sassy’s curves and sparkling smiles, but can’t stop dreaming about stealing a kiss from the cowgirl.

First love burns hot for Ash and Sassy and their passion takes them by surprise. But Sassy’s secret burns hotter. Can she really rock the West family’s world and go home, like she planned? Or can she and Ash find happiness after he discovers who she really is?
One magical Wyoming summer will change the young lovers forever. Can they move past painful secrets and learn to trust again?

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