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Release Date

November 1, 2021


Seashells and Sleigh Bells

Jennie Davids

Series: Heron Crest,
Book 1
Tropes: FF, Holiday

Celeste Blake is a vault—feelings and personal information are not for public consumption. It’s a life lesson that has served her well—until she transferred to Heron Crest. Now her job as city manager is in jeopardy because she’s not “likable.” To improve her image she will participate in every holiday activity, including co-organizing the tree lighting with the eccentric artist who wants her gone.

Lani Wilch loves her town and being an artist. She really loves being able to combine them to make her living. But this year her seascapes aren’t selling. She needs a new theme and fast. Inspiration alludes her until she works with the frosty city manager. In Celeste’s eyes—which are quite pretty when they’re not judging—she finds something paintbrush worthy. Wanting proximity to her muse, Lani offers to help Celeste win people over.

Celeste slowly lowers her guard, allowing Lani to light her solitary world in bright color which creates a longing too big to resist.

Lani is falling for the warm, brilliant woman beneath the cool facade. A woman who might be the best thing to happen to the town…and her.

Can their connection last after the holiday glow fades?

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