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Release Date

September 30, 2021


Shaken & Stirred

AW Scott

Series: Club Deny,
Book 5
Tropes: MM

“Of course I had to get stranded with the one man who hates me…”


Working for Mateo Rojas had its perks. I was always paid well and on time. I had my pick of any man or woman I wanted. And I gained a group of friends that were quickly turning out to be some of the best I’d ever had.

The only downside to this place is the lack of an experienced bartender. When the boss tells me he’s got a new guy he thinks will be a good fit, I meet up with them in hopes it will come together. I had no idea it would be so much more.


My father liked to claim he was a jack of all trades when I was growing up. It was the truth. Unfortunately, that same truth got him and my mother gunned down by his bookie when I was just a kid.

Bouncing around the foster care system wasn’t ideal, but I did learn a few things. And when my bartending skills are needed by my friend Benji’s new friend, I jump at the chance to help. But like everything in my life, there’s a catch. This catch just so happens to hate my guts.

Three days. Two stubborn men. One bedroom cabin. Passion ignites when feelings are shared and these two realize their hate for each other might not be hate at all.

Club Deny follows a group of friends as they find love in unexpected ways. Each book follows a different couple. They are best read in order. This book is designed for readers 18+.

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