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Release Date

October 1, 2021


Shifters' Fae Captive: A Rejected Mates Reverse Harem

Lacey Carter Andersen

Series: Stolen by Shadow Beasts,
Book 1

Surviving. That’s all that matters now.

I was never meant to be a light fae. There was too much darkness inside of me. So when I met my mate, I dove headfirst into the world of monsters and ghosts that he revealed to me.

And then he died.

Changed. Different from all the other light fae. I no longer had a place I belonged. When a night of death and danger threatened to destroy innocent supernaturals, I risked my life to stand between them and the shadow beasts who hunted the dark fae.

I never expected the beasts to take me. I never expected to find myself surrounded by the wild shifters deep in the woods.
Yet, these men are not what they seem. Their touch is gentle. Their eyes devour me. And they seem hell-bent on keeping me safe from a danger I don’t understand.

But I am not the fragile fae they believe I am. I have secrets too. And when the darkness comes for us, these shadow beasts might find that I don’t need saving, but I could save them.

SHIFTERS FAE CAPTIVE is a steamy paranormal reverse harem romance with a heroine with secrets, possessive heroes, and a spooky mystery. So preorder your copy! And if this sounds interesting to you, check out my series Royal Fae Academy, where you’ll meet many of the characters from this series.

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