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Release Date

October 9, 2021



Kali Hart

Series: Brothers in Arms in Alaska,
Book 10


I’m a romance writer on a deadline.
My readers want me to write a mountain man series.
Only, I’ve never ever seen a mountain man much less know how to write one.
So I book a stay at a cabin outside the small town of Three Rivers hoping it’ll inspire me.
It’s perfect, until it’s disruptively noisy.
The serene experience I expect from a remote cabin in the Alaska wilderness is drown out by construction.
I’m livid enough to give demand a full refund.
Until I lay eyes on the sexy solo builder.
He’s exactly the type of hero my readers want me write about.
What harm could a little inspiration proposition do?
Unless I fall in love with him.


After a bad breakup and too many nights spent drowning my sorrows with a bottle, I decide enough is enough.
I need something constructive to occupy my time.
I buy a remote property with two cabins.
I move into one, list the other as an Air B&B, and immediately get to work on building another.
My first customer is a writer who promises not to bother me.
It’s perfect.
Until she confronts me about all the noise I’m making.
Which is why I’m completely thrown off when the curvy beauty changes her tune and asks me to be her inspiration for a romance series.
It’s the perfect fling.
Except I don’t think I can let her go.
It doesn’t take me long to realize she’s the one I no longer believed existed. The one I was always meant to find.
If only I can convince her to stay.

We all made a pact. We’ve survived basic together, shared duty stations, and gone to war together. But the needs of the Army have separated us multiple times. That’s why we agreed that when each of us got out, we’d each settle down in the same mountainside town of Three Rivers. It was a favorite place to get away on holiday weekends when the six of us were stationed together in Alaska, and as veterans now we can’t imagine anywhere better. A place filled with fresh mountain air, friendly people who are there when you need them but happy to keep to themselves when you don’t, and unexpected love none of us saw coming.

Sweet & steamy short story insta-love romance with an older mountain man and younger curvy woman. NO cliffhangers. NO cheating. Guaranteed HEA.

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