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Release Date

October 10, 2021


Small Town Dragon Next Door

Lisa Daniels

Series: Small Town Sexton Brothers,
Book 4

He was always my haven when life got bad,
The hot young man who seemed to constantly save me from myself.

We lost touch after I lost my father, even though we remained neighbors.
Then he came charging back into my life when I needed him most.

His alpha attitude is mixed with a concern and interest that I’ve never seen.
I had no idea that I spent my whole living being saved by a dragon.

And now he’s about to pull off the greatest heroic action
As I realize the truth about who I am.

Finally ready to let go of my childish crush,

Am I ready to ignore the way my heart beats every time he walks into the room?
Or will I jeopardize our friendship to finally experience my fantasies?

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