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Release Date

October 1, 2021


Something Borrowed

Haven Rose

Series: Yours Everlasting Series,
Book 16
Series: Bastion Defense Series,
Book 2

A chance meeting…

When I attend a wedding to watch a former client marry the love of her life. I didn’t expect to find my own at the same time. It’s not like me to act impulsively. My job, and the lives of those depending on me to do it correctly, mean I tend to follow the rules…always. But just this once, I let my heart lead me. As if to mock me, my career interrupted, ending what could have been with Ryland Jones. Or did it?

…leads to forever.

I’ve never been more thankful for my sister’s badgering. All work and no play, she said, makes for well, me. Since she was right, I went to the special occasion and discovered my soulmate. Clover Dempsey, unaware of the power she already held over me, stole my heart the second I saw her. Then reality intruded, resulting in a necessary pause in our destiny. So I thought.

Author’s Note: This is the second book in the Bastion Defense Series.

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