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Release Date

October 24, 2021



Ruthie Henrick

Series: Halloween Steam,

Disheartened journalist Emma Grayce Murphy is ready for a change. But earning her walking papers for standing on her morals? Not what she had in mind. She needs a distraction, and her friend’s spooktacular wedding is just the ticket. She grabs her bags and runs. And finds herself bewitched by an eerily familiar face.

Pro baseball phenom Eli Masterson is living his dream. But the paparazzi is up to devilish tricks and he needs a place to lay low. A small town. That’ll do. Getting roped into a stranger’s wedding? Not so much. Neither is a holiday hook-up. But it’s the season for hocus picks, and he seems to be trapped in her spell.

Their haunting attraction came on like midnight magic, and in their instant allure they may have forgotten a few little details. Home states? No big deal. Last names? Oops. When Eli learns Emma Grayce is a tabloid vampire—that she may have written the article that’s threatening his career—they must decide together whether their budding romance has a ghost of a chance.

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