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Release Date

October 17, 2021



Jessica Grayson & Aria Winter

Series: Ice World Warriors,
Book 5
Tropes: Aliens, Vampires

When we crashed on an ice planet, my A’kai master drank of my blood to survive. We find a settlement of his people; they’ve been stranded here too, for the past five years.

Bound and thrown in a cage, I’ve all but given up hope of rescue until one of the A’kai guards takes pity on me.

Defying his people and his Commander, Erolas helps me escape.

With nowhere to run and enemies on all sides, we make our way across the ice and snow.

His race are the inspiration for the ancient Earth Vampire myths.

He claims I’m his fated one–his Sy’nan–and that I can trust him.

Even though he helped me escape, I’m still wary. His race are feared throughout the quadrant and known for their cruelty.

But the more time we spend together, I cannot deny the pull I feel toward him.

And despite my better judgment, I find myself wondering: what would it be like to be fated to my enemy?

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