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Release Date

October 8, 2021



Autumn Summers

Series: Heroes MC Fort Hood,
Book 5
Tropes: MC Romance

They took my daughter!

I should’ve never brought my car to those dirty bikers!

The way I grew up, I could smell criminals a mile away, and I knew these bikers were bad news.

But, could I be wrong?

When I get a text message with a picture of Amber holding up a sign that says “$25,000 or highest bidder!” My heart sinks, I’m terrified!

That’s when I learn these are no ordinary bikers, they have military level skills and they’re willing to help me out, despite my craziness and me blaming them for taking Amber.

I’ve taken a liking to one in particular, Tango. Maybe he’s not the monster I thought. He actually has a big, caring heart and is working diligently to help me.

But will he be able to get Amber back?

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