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Release Date

October 2, 2021


The Broken City

Mary E Twomey

Series: The Last Deadblood,
Book 2
Tropes: Dark, Mafia, Vampires

Colette Kennedy is ready to destroy anyone in her path when the city turns its back on the people she loves.

When Colette decides the West End has been ignored long enough, she will stop at nothing to set things right. Though there are many who oppose vampires being treated as equals, Colette knows it is time to use her mother’s legacy to give them a fighting chance.

The forbidden romance is heating up, especially when Rome and Colette find ways to sneak away from the city that threatens to tear them apart. But when their secret relationship is exposed, Colette isn’t sure if her family will turn on her, or if she can have what she’s always dreamed of—a peaceful life with the man she loves.

“The Broken City” is filled with political intrigue and scandalous secrets, written by USA Today bestselling fantasy romance author, Mary E. Twomey.

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