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Release Date

October 28, 2021


The King's Omega

Merri Bright

Series: The Lost Lines Series,
Book 1

They’re going to need a bigger dungeon.When you’re the last Omega in the world, forced to mate with a cruel, kitten-stealing king… well, it’s a good thing his four sexy generals know how to storm a girl’s castle.
But can they convince her to fall in love, without falling for her themselves?

Born long after the plagues that killed every Omega on the continent, Vali is the lost Omega prophesied to save her country.
All she must do is mate King Rigol… but he can’t stand her. He thinks Vali is a dirty, foul-smelling brothel maid, and falls for her treacherous mistress instead.
When the king realizes Vali is the true Omega, she still can’t love him, even if she doesn’t hate him quite as much. Sure, he gave her kitten back, but he’s already mated… to the enemy.
Can his irresistible generals convince her to fall in love—or at least in bed—with King Rigol? Perhaps, if they all torture her together.
Sweet, sexy torture.

The King’s Omega is a full-length standalone fantasy with multiple love interests and a guaranteed HEA. Content warnings are in the Author’s Note just inside the book—please read before deciding if this book is for you!

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