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The Navigator

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Release Date

June 28, 2018


The Navigator

Phoebe Alexander

Series: Mountain Series,
Book 5

He’s never believed in soulmates. How can he find his when he can’t even find himself?

Garrett Stone has hit rock bottom. His professional dreams crushed, he falls back on the one outlet he’s had his whole life: the theater. A chance encounter with a beautiful curvaceous woman ten years his senior didn’t seem like it would completely flip the script, but it sets off a chain reaction that leaves him wrestling with old demons, navigating an uncertain future, and contemplating whether or not there’s a role for a leading lady in his life.

Dr. Anjuli Raina tells her therapy clients they can’t choose whom they fall in love with. So why does she fight her feelings when the sexy bearded redhead she meets by chance turns out to be so much more than she expected? Can Anjuli shine in the role of leading lady, or is happily ever after an unlikely ending to her story?

Intended for readers 18+ due to graphic adult situations, The Navigator can be read before or after the Mountains Series books 1-4 or as a standalone. The series order is as follows:

Book 1: Mountains Wanted – James & Sarah’s Story #1
Book 2: Mountains Climbed – James & Sarah’s Story #2
Book 3: Mountains Loved – James & Sarah’s Story #3
Book 4: Christmas in the Mountains – James & Sarah’s holiday novella
Book 5: The Navigator – Garrett’s Story
Book 6: The Explorer – Abby’s Story #1
Book 7: The Adventurer – Rachel’s Story (coming soon)
Book 8: Mountains Transcended – Abby’s Story #2 (coming soon)

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