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The Wedding Planner

Release Date

July 31, 2018


The Wedding Planner

Pavan Kaur

Emma Cox
I enjoy my life. My friends are the best and I love my career. But my love life – let’s just say it’s non-existent since my boyfriend broke up with me.
One night out with the girls, some guy wanted to be my knight in shining armor. So I made him a promise, if you touch me again, it won’t end well.
So what does he do, he sends me a cake.
Maybe my knight in shining armor is the one for me.
So what’s the problem? He is the brother of the groom, making him OFF LIMITS!

Ocean Rivers
People hear the word playboy and think of me and my friends. But that’s not me, far from it. I still hope to find that magical and elusive true love.
Then one night out with the guys I see her and all it took was for her to warn me away with violence. It did make me laugh, but I knew I’d found the girl for me.
So what’s the problem? She is my brothers’ WEDDING PLANNER!

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