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Release Date

September 30, 2021


Throne of Wolves: The Completed Boxed Set

River Ramsey

This is the complete trilogy of Throne of Wolves, a fantasy reverse harem series including:

Throne of Wolves
Court of Alphas
Crown of Fangs

I’m an omega shifter, a “rare gem” in a world full of brutal alpha males vying for dominance and the right to claim me as their mate. My choice doesn’t matter. Not as an omega in a pack where tradition is the only law. I’ll have to watch the Trials–a fight to the death–and accept the victor as my mate.

Rowan, the cruel Alpha Lord’s son with eyes sharp as silver.

James, the hybrid outcast who desires revenge even more than power.

Mace, the cold and calculating doctor who banished my father from the pack.

And Christopher, my childhood friend and the only alpha who’s ever seen me as more than the key to power…at least, that’s what I thought, until he entered the Trials.

When war turns the tables on my four suitors, I’m the one calling the shots.

The Marok dynasty is at an end, and our pack has been given an ultimatum: embrace the far more civilized ways of our conquerors or face destruction.

Now, it’s up to me to save the pack and bring these four alpha males to heel. The choice is finally mine, but it’s harder than I ever imagined…

The Throne of Wolves trilogy is a medium-burn reverse harem shifter romance set in a brutal fantasy omegaverse. In typical reverse harem fashion, Dani will get her happily-ever-after with all four men. Throne of Wolves contains fantasy violence and alpha-omega dynamics some may find disturbing. This story does not subvert the classic dominant alpha/submissive omega trope, and it isn’t for readers who don’t like heroines who struggle to find their voices.

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