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Release Date

September 30, 2021



Susan Fisher-Davis

Series: Men of Clifton, Montana,
Book 17

Trick Dillon thought he had a perfect life, a job he loved, a beautiful daughter, and the love of his life beside him. But it was all snatched away in an instant. Knowing he has no choice but to go on for the sake of his daughter, he never wants to love again.

When he finds a steer on his property, he’s angry. Not because of the animal being there, but because the owner of that steer makes his heart beat faster.

Rayna Lancaster inherits property in Clifton, Montana, and loves the thought of living there. She moves to the ranch with her St. Bernard, Thumper, and her pet steer, Ferdinand. When Ferdinand breaks the fence and enters the neighbor’s property, Rayna has to go after him. When she meets her neighbor, she is stunned at how devastatingly handsome the man is, but Trick Dillon wants nothing to do with her. Or does he?

Trick tells himself he’s not ready, but he’s so attracted to Rayna, and he can’t seem to stay away from her. He knows no woman will ever replace Kaylee in his heart but is it possible to love Rayna as much as he did his wife and have room in his heart for her too?

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