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Release Date

October 1, 2021


Very Unlikely

Shandi Boyes

Series: Ballsy Boys,
Book 4

The last time a jock and a nerd went head-to-head, I was conceived. Since my parents’ story didn’t have a happy ending, I’ve strived to stop history from repeating itself ever since.

I play ball every week, date cheerleaders and sorority sisters, and attend the most happening parties, but I had no clue how meaningless my existence was until I stumbled upon Summer Ramsay.

She was a mess in all meanings of the word. Her hair was a disaster, her wardrobe borrowed from both her mother and father’s closet, and she wore blue eyeshadow like she was hankering for a Gun N Roses reunion.

Yet, despite all that, I couldn’t help but gawk.

She was nothing like the women I ‘dated,’ and everything I aimed to stay away from, but when an unexpected interaction unearthed her ability to sniff out a psychopath from a mile away, I knew we had to collaborate.

The terms of our agreement were simple. I’d help Summer become less dorky, and she’d save my face from being scalded by wannabe black widows.

It was perfect… until we decided to test the no hanky-panky clause that formed our friendship by booking a hotel room with only one bed.

Very Unlikely is a fun and sexy friends to lovers standalone sports romance. It has laugh-out-loud scenes, swoon-worthy moments, and times where you want to bang their heads together and tell them to kiss already! It’s book four in the Ballsy Boys Series, but based on brand-new characters, so it can be read as a complete standalone.

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