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Release Date

October 20, 2021



Gia Bailey

Series: Spoiled Royal,

Once upon a time, Lord Vincent Langbrooke took everything from me.
Now, he’s offering me a chance to take it all back. The price? Give him an heir.

As a peer of the realm, I need an heir.
I have no interest in romancing someone into the role of giving me one.
I’d rather pay for the service and I know exactly whom I want for the job.
Diana blames me for the downfall of her father, and the loss of her wealthy life.
I’ll give it all back to her and more if she agrees.
But getting Diana in my bed is only the beginning.
She has no idea… I have no interest in our contract
The deal never mattered to me at all
All I cared about was getting Diana within my reach
And now I have… I won’t let her go again.

In another life, I lived in a huge, comfortable house, and played for a living.
I was reckless and spoiled, and ungrateful.
Now, my life is a hard toil to survive
So when the man who put me in that position shows up, I think I did well not to murder him on the spot.
Then he makes his offer.
Vincent Langbrooke has guts, I’ll give him that.
I’ll be giving him much more than that, if he has his way…
I guess he forgot about keeping his enemies closer… but I didn’t.
This time, he’ll be the one to break.

Vincent is the third hero in the Spoiled Royal series. These heroes are badly-behaved billionaire aristocrats who are used to getting their way. They’ll go all out for their feisty, independent heroines and stop at nothing, to get their ring on their fingers.
steamy story about obsessed OTT billionaires, always SAFE, with a sweet HEA guarantee.

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