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Release Date

October 24, 2021



R Valentine

Series: Revenant,
Book 2
Tropes: Angsty
Heat Level: 🔥 🔥 🔥

Virulent: Book Two in Revenant Series
(Description contains spoilers for Book One)

On a hostile, disaster-ridden planet ravaged by a virus, humans and vampires fight for survival. But staying alive might be easier said than done in a world where the dead don’t stay dead.

Living among the devastation is Abby Rose, a member of the Vanguard, doing her best to protect herself and those around herbetween waiting tables at a local motel bar and grill.

I have been lied to my entire life. My mom, my step-dad, my ex-vampire boyfriend who knew everything about me when I didn’t.
I’m not even human. Not entirely.
I’m a half-blood. Part human, part vampire.
The human-turned-vampire dad I thought was dead? Nope. He’s the first vampire to be turned undead. The Revenant.
Did he try to kill me? Yep.
But it’s fine.
Everything’s fine.
I’m fine.
I just have to live in my town with my ex. Work side by side with him and his team, under my step-dad. Avoid being killed by my bio-dad and his newest creation while hunting them down. Continue to kill zombies and manage every other threat in this world I call home.
But seriously, it’s fine.

Book 2 in Revenant Series
Paranormal Romance
MA 18+ Content
Steamy/Smut (3/5)
Violence, Blood, Gore, Language,
Cliff Hanger Ending (Books 1-3 Complete, 4+ TBD)

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