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Release Date

September 30, 2021


Wicked Daddy

Bianca Cole

Series: Boston Mafia Dons,
Book 5
Tropes: Dark, Mafia

Christmas vacation with my two best friends turns into a nightmare I never saw coming.

Aida and Gia begged me to vacation with them in Boston.
My parents were away in Hong Kong, so I agreed.
It might be one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made.

I’m snatched from the bar we’re drinking at.
Taken captive by one of Milo’s enemies.
The Russian Bratva boss, Mikhail Gurin.

He holds me for ransom in an attempt to force Milo to back down from a merger.
Milo doesn’t strike me as the kind of man that accepts threats.
It means I’m doomed to a fate worse than death.

Mikhail Gurin is brutally handsome, but he’s as wicked as sin.
The way he looks at me scares me to the core.
He intends to use me as his slave and plaything until Milo submits.
He tells me he will ruin me for all other men and then toss me aside.

Milo will never back down, so it means I’m entangled in this trap forever, destined to be used by the Bratva boss for all eternity.
Will his wicked ways ruin me forever?

Wicked Daddy is the fifth book in the Boston Mafia Dons Series by Bianca Cole. This book is a story with no cliffhanger and a happily ever after ending. This story has some very dark themes that may upset some people, hot scenes, and bad language. It features an over-the-top possessive, and wicked Russian Pakhan.

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