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Release Date

October 1, 2021


Wolf's Fox

Juniper Hart

Series: Konrad Wolves,
Book 3
Tropes: Shifter

He promises to be my savior. Can I trust a wolf bred from pure evil?

Trust is a dirty word.
My life has never been my own.
The abilities I possess as a rare white fox shifter make me a coveted prize.
I’ve been pursued my entire life by powerful beings that want me to do their bidding.
I know how to keep hidden—even though staying in my animal form comes at a great cost.

A chance encounter with a wolf in a snowstorm opens a deep wound that should’ve never been closed.
How can I be expected to give myself wholly and completely to Nicholas?
His family is pure evil.
Time is not on my side—the walls of my curse are closing in around me.
Can I trust this wolf with a past as dark as my own?

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