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11MarRelease DaySpace by Penny ReidMona’s meticulously planned allotment of relaxation is thrown into chaos by the unscheduled appearance of her older brother’s band of friends, including the one person she'd hoped to never face againGenre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:BrotherRead more

28FebRelease DayGone Missing by Jami DavenportWith a missing father, a murderous brother, and a marriage of convenience, Becca Gatlinburg's life is one hot mess...and it's about to get hotter.Genre:Action and Adventure RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:SuspenseRead more

27FebRelease DayThe Protector: MAC by Lisa B KampsThese men never back away from danger—and always fall hard for love Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:MilitaryRead more

26FebRelease DayStill Brazen by M Malone and Nana MaloneHow the hell did I, the perpetual bachelor, end up accidentally married in Vegas—to my client? Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Action & AdventureRead more

26FebRelease DayHollywood Princess by Natasha MadisonBehind the "lights, camera, action" of Hollywood lies a world of deception, love, and seduction.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:SuspenseRead more

26FebRelease DaySunkissed Days by Samantha ChaseMallory Westbrook is ready to make her move on Jake Summerford, the boy – now man – she’s been crushing on for years.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

26FebRelease DayThe Last Letter by Rebecca YarrosBeckett, If you’re reading this, well, you know the last-letter drill. You made it. I didn’t.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:EmotionalRead more

26FebRelease DayFearless by Elizabeth SaFleurSarah’s life of discipline and rigid control is nearly shattered by two men—one who wishes to submit to her, the other who might break her.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

26FebRelease DayBrothers in Arms by Penny DeeSomeone is going to pay. But who?Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

26FebRelease DayMy Favorite Cowboy by Donna GrantAudrey Martinez is a veterinarian who has devoted her whole life to the care and protection of horses—even if doing so leaves her little time for meeting a man.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:WesternRead more

26FebRelease DayLost and Found by Lexi BlakeOwen Shaw and his “brothers” lost everything, their entire existence erased. Science had robbed he and all the Lost Boys of their memories and their past, but not their future. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:MilitaryRead more

25FebRelease DayBeautifully Broken Pieces by Catherine CowlesWalker loves his life just the way it is. His town, his family, his brothers in blue. Everything simple and easy--until a chance encounter changes it all.Genre:WomenKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Contemporary RomanceRead more

25FebRelease DayVow of Devotion by Emma RenshawOne look. Just like that. That’s all it takes for me to know I wanted Ava for more than one night. She takes a single look at me and only sees a player. Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

22FebRelease DayLove Me Like You Won't Let Go by Melissa ToppenYou never get over your first love. It’s something I’ve heard countless times. Like someone has to point out that your pain will never go away. That your shattered heart will never mend.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

21FebRelease DayStolen Moments by Emily BowieOne stolen moment. That’s all it took to change everything. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:BrotherRead more

21FebRelease DayWhat He Never Knew by Kandi SteinerI never learn my lesson. And I always want what I can’t have.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Student TeacherRead more

21FebRelease DayAgainst The Boards by Samantha LindFocused. Driven. I’m the man I am today because I never let the idea of settling down disrupt being the best I can during my hockey career. Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HockeyRead more

21FebRelease DayMission: Impossible to Surrender by Jacki DeleckiNavy SEAL Finn Jenkins will do whatever it takes to protect beautiful Sophie Dean, no matter the risk to his own life...or heart. Genre:Military Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

21FebRelease DayHard as Stone by KM ScottTrouble. Playboy. Heartbreakingly gorgeous. Ethan Stone, the only son and spitting image of billionaire Tristan Stone, has a long line of women who would kill for a night with him, and rumor has it he's more than happy to oblige.Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

20FebRelease DayMischief by Lacey DaileyMischief was my greatest kept secret. The side of me I’d never expose. Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

19FebRelease DayStay All Night by DB James and SL Peters“Stay all night,” were the words echoing from her lips as I slid from the bed like the scumbag I am. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Action & AdventureRead more

19FebRelease DayBreaking the Sinner by Ember LeighAs a religious exile who fled her community only to land in LA, Genevieve couldn’t be greener. Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:EmotionalRead more

19FebRelease DayThe (Half) Truth by Leddy HarperA sizzling romance about an aspiring young chef who may discover that the perfect recipe for love involves all accidental ingredients…Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

19FebRelease DayStroke of Luck by BJ DanielsHe’s hoping to bury the past. She’s ready to settle the score.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:WesternRead more

18FebRelease DayThe Risk by Elle KennedyEveryone says I’m a bad girl. They’re only partly right—I don’t let fear rule me, and I certainly don’t care what people think. But I draw the line at sleeping with the enemy.Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HockeyRead more

06FebRelease DayEntwined by Felicity BrandonCan a monster ever find redemption?Genre:Dark RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:ThrillerRead more

31JanRelease DaySomeone Like You by Alexandra SilvaDorian Anson is my friend. She's the only person who's ever questioned my smiles. My jokes. The one liners that have our friends shaking their heads at me. I've lived my life on those smiles. They never failed me, until her.Genre:WomenKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Contemporary RomanceRead more

31JanRelease DayCrazy, Beautiful Love by KL GraysonThere's a fine line between love and hate... Genre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

31JanRelease DayIsland Roots by Ashleigh GLeft alone on his island of misery, Terry is at an all time low. His best friend is gone, he’s been fired from his job and being a professional beach bum isn’t all they make it out to be. Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Contemporary RomanceRead more

31JanRelease DayLass by Harloe RaeAddison Walker is every fantasy I never dared to believe in.Genre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

31JanRelease DayFalling for the Cowboy by Kennedy FoxNever trust a man who wears nothing more than a cowboy hat and ripped jeans who asks if you'd like to save a horse and ride a . . . well, you get the picture.Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:CowboyRead more

31JanRelease DayEverything's Better With Kimberly by Lucy EdenKimberly Simmons is gorgeous, brilliant, and way out of my league. She’s definitely not the type to fall for a guy who walked away from his family's fortune to become an architect.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Office RomanceRead more

30JanRelease DayLove by Casey DiamThe conclusion of Paige and Caleb's storyGenre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

30JanRelease DayUnlucky in Love by AJ ReneeFinding a man shouldn’t be hard when all I have to do is swipe left or right. It’ll weed out the slimy men who have Bad Date written all over them.Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

30JanRelease DayThe Executive by KI LynnShe's just a tool, and I'll ruin her, because I need to. Genre:Contemporary RomanceTropes:Office RomanceRead more

29JanRelease DaySuddenly Mine by Samantha ChaseChristian Montgomery is burnt out—the family business might be his entire world, but his father's judgment means Christian never stops working.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

29JanRelease DayTainted Forever by Terri Anne BrowningThrough ups and downs, Jace and I have faced everything head on.  Until he started keeping secrets. Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

29JanRelease DayRuthless River by Lindsay CrossLaney was a woman on the run. Her ex-husband, who just happened to be a cop, had a penchant for violence and, after Laney took their daughter and ran, he had a promise for revenge.Genre:Romantic SuspenseRead more

29JanRelease DayMoonlight Scandals by Jennifer L ArmentroutEven a ghost hunter like Rosie Herpin couldn’t have foreseen the fateful meeting between two mourners that has brought her so intimately close to the notorious and seductive Devlin de Vincent.Genre:WomenKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Romantic MysteryRead more

29JanRelease DayInterlude by D KellyJordan Weston is good-looking, mysterious, and sexually uninhibited, but his life is more like the name of his bar—Just an IllusionGenre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

29JanRelease DayBuild by Gillian ArcherAs a single mom, I don’t have time for men, especially irresponsible tattooed bad boys like my ex. But Austin is hot. And sexy. And stuck here in the cabin with me. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Bad BoyRead more

29JanRelease DayBroadway Beans by Karen CimmsCall it self-preservation, but I need to get out of Hollywood. My heart’s just been shredded by my longtime girlfriend. Worse yet, we have to pretend we’re still America’s sweethearts until after our next picture is releasedGenre:Romantic ComedyTropes:Friends to LoversRead more

29JanRelease DayJuciy Rebound by Toni AleoChandler Moon’s career as a defensemen for the IceCats is on fire. However, his marriage has gone up in flames…literallyGenre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HockeyRead more

29JanRelease DayCatastrophe Queen by Emma HartOne hot mess. One hot boss. One too many hot encounters...Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:BossRead more

29JanRelease DayKing Me by Season ViningDelaney Mills is haunted by darkness. Not of a spiritual kind, but a terrible past that all the rum in the world cannot chase away.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

29JanRelease DayDrawn Into Love by Aurora Rose ReynoldsCourtney Williams wanted forever. She got six years of empty promises, a divorce, and a well-deserved settlement that’s paid her way to Manhattan.Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Second Chance LoveRead more

29JanRelease DayReaching Refuge by Annie AndersonA couple in secret. Two warring families. This town isn't big enough for the both of them.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

29JanRelease DayHollywood Playboy by Natasha MadisonBehind the "lights, camera, action" of Hollywood lies a world of deception, love, and seduction. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

29JanRelease DayWicked Player Stacey LynnGage Bryant has the best hands and the quickest feet of any wide receiver in football. He also has a secret—one he’ll do anything to protect.Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:FootballRead more

28JanRelease DayKings of Mayhem by Penny DeeWhen a King loves  He loves hardGenre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

28JanRelease DayStrip Tease by Erin McCarthyA sexy CEO. A single mom.  And a secret baby who is now eight years old…Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Secret BabyRead more

28JanRelease DayIf I Only Knew by Corinne MichaelsMy life was perfect – until a shocking tragedy pulled the rug out from underneath me.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Second Chance LoveRead more

27JanRelease DayDown We'll Come, Baby by Carrie AaronsI would have sacrificed for her until the end of time.Genre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

25JanRelease DayTrashy Conquest by Gemma JamesIt all started 35,000 feet in the air on a flight bound for Seattle. Genre:Contemporary RomanceTropes:CheatingRead more

25JanRelease DayRules of Engagement by Mika JolieRule #1: Don’t fall in love.  As a single dad, my life revolves around my daughter. No complaints…until my ex-wife forces my hand over custody. Genre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

25JanRelease DayMister Uno by Belle BrooksTwenty-five-year-old Anthea Links is a columnist for Rogue magazine. The job she loves is on the line when she’s faced with writer’s block and given a deadline she knows she can’t meetGenre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

24JanRelease DayWork in Progress by Staci HartI never thought my first kiss would be on my wedding day.Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Marriage of ConvenienceRead more

24JanRelease DayRoyce by Kat MizeraJust because opposites attract, doesn’t mean they belong together... Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HockeyRead more

24JanRelease DayFree to Breathe by Tracey JeraldBaker Corinna Freeman cut all ties with Colby Hunt when she learned what the handsome military officer really thought about her and her cooking skills.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

24JanRelease DayPretty Young Things by Ace GrayGreed. Jealousy. Lust. Genre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

24JanRelease DayProtagonized by Shannon MyersDescribe Jake Hopkins in two words?  Boozing womanizer.  So, maybe he solved cases with a precision not seen since Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. It didn't matter. The guy was a grade A prick. Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

24JanRelease DayRectify by Marley ValentineWe weren’t just young, we were stupid and reckless. He was the beginning of every bad decision I made, the enemy of everyone I’d ever loved.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

24JanRelease DayLiving for Forever by Scarlett BlackIf love is their sin, then together they lie, bound to one another, their love living for forever. Genre:Romantic SuspenseTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

23JanRelease DaySilence by N Isabelle BlancoWhen my brother, the King, married fifteen-years ago, I welcomed his new family as my own. His wife . . . her baby girl.  My niece by marriage.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

23JanRelease DayFrom Smoke to Flames by AM HargroveThey say there’s a fine line between love and hate. Ours was a mile wide. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

22JanRelease DayDarkness Embraced by Tillie ColeTHE DEEPEST LOVE CAN BE BORN FROM THE FIERCEST HATE…⁣ ⁣ Born to sit on opposing thrones.⁣ They were never meant to fall.⁣Genre:Dark RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

22JanRelease DayMidnight Note by JS CooperHe wants to win her heart...Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

22JanRelease DayRicca by Esther E SchmidtChiara was raised into the mafia world the hard way. Enduring the assault at the hands of her father until she was kidnapped and forced to marry a mob boss.Genre:Romantic SuspenseRead more

22JanRelease DayAshes to Ink by Carrie Ann RyanBack in Denver, Abby lost everything she ever loved, except for her daughter, the one memory she has left of the man she loved and lost. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

22JanRelease DayMafia Queen by Bella JThere once was a girl who was sold to the devil. The devil ruined her. Destroyed her. Turned her into his pretty, broken girl. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

22JanRelease DayDrago by Sarah BrianneDrago is the protector, willing to risk his life for the Carusos. Katarina is a Luciano, protected only by her brothers.  Gunned down by her Family, he is seeking vengeance. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

22JanRelease DayResist by KM GollandWhen wealthy businesswoman, Helena Smerdon, purchases Australia’s most popular male strip revue, the tight-knit group of men are set for an unexpected shake-up. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

22JanRelease DayPunish by Olivia RyannStolen and abducted… yet in the same stroke, saved. On one hand, I escaped certain death at the hands of people who have already hurt me. On the other, now I’m trapped with him.Genre:Dark RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

22JanRelease DayCrash by Kelly GendronI DARE YOU TO MARRY ME …Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Best Friend's SisterRead more

22JanRelease DayOvernight Sensation by Sarina BowenEveryone knows the girl is off limits. But it's so good to be bad.Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HockeyRead more

22JanRelease DayCruel Money by KA LindeShe was supposed to be a one night stand.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:BillionaireRead more

22JanRelease DayTake Me Again by Carly PhillipsHe’s alpha, he’s sexy, and he’s sure he’s got life in his hands … Until Ashley Easton returns, wanting nothing to do with the playboy who broke her heart. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

22JanRelease DayPlaying for Keeps by Jill ShalvisIf you’re planning on falling in love…Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

22JanRelease DayShattered Vows by Kaylea CrossShe’s his best friend’s widow.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:MilitaryRead more

22JanRelease DayOnly a Breath Apart by Erin McGarryThey say your destiny is carved in stone. But some destinies are meant to be broken.Genre:YA RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Contemporary RomanceRead more

22JanRelease DayUntil by Danielle NormanI’m Stella Lang, everyone thinks of me as the sassy one, the one who’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind, but the truth is…I’m scared.Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

22JanRelease DayCovert Games by Katie ReusShe was supposed to be a means to an end…Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:MilitaryRead more

21JanRelease DayWe Shouldn't by Vi KeelandBennett Fox walked into my life on one hell of a crappy Monday morning.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

21JanRelease DayBlood and Chaos by SM SotoWe thought the games were over...but they've only just begun.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

21JanRelease DayBlue Ink by Tess ThompsonCharlotte Wilde’s life is a flop. She gives her heart to the wrong men, her first published book is a failure, and now she’s dead broke too.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

19JanRelease DayCome to Daddy by Brianna HaleMy name is Ciara, and when daddy calls, I come.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Erotic RomanceRead more

18JanRelease DayBound by Dani ReneMy life came with a vow.  A promise to the blood line I’m born from.Genre:Romantic SuspenseTropes:DarkRead more

17JanRelease DayMilkman by Shari J RyanEverything in life was going perfectly, but then my luck expired.Genre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

17JanRelease DayTangled Like Us by Krista and Becca RitchieHow to protect your heart:  Let your bodyguard have it.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:BodyguardRead more

17JanRelease DayScrew You by Renee HarlessDid you ever send an explicit picture to your significant other? Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Enemies to LoversRead more

17JanRelease DayHold Me Today by Maria LuisRock bottom has never felt so good.Genre:Contemporary RomanceTropes:Best Friend's BrotherRead more

16JanRelease DayRumor's Fury by Harlow BrownThe truth isn’t something Fury can provide. Secrecy isn’t something Rumor can tolerate.Genre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

16JanRelease DayFighting to Score by Lisa B KampsShane Masters has it all: a promising career with the Baltimore Banners, a big house, fast cars, financial security, and—up until a month ago—the woman of his dreamsGenre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HockeyRead more

16JanRelease DayTeach Me Sweetly by Abby GaleWhen I accepted the teaching position in a town the size of my thumb, all I cared about was making some money until I was ready to pursue my dream. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Coming of AgeRead more

16JanRelease DayAbandoned Love by Aleya MichelleJaxon Mayer knew the minute his eyes met hers that they were soul mates and would be together forever. Genre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

15JanRelease DayThe Sinner Within by JL LeslieThey call me a demon. The revenant. I was thought to be dead for over three years so the names are fitting. I lost everything important to me. My club. My old lady. I resurfaced to find the things I cherished the most had been taken from meGenre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

15JanRelease DayHosed by Pippa Grant and Lili ValenteThe world’s sexiest firefighter is about to get a second chance with the virgin next door…Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

15JanRelease DayDare Me Again by Shelly AlexanderMaking dreams come true is a red-hot challenge for two stubborn hearts risking it all on a second chance…Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:MilitaryRead more

15JanRelease DayThat Wild Player by Nadia LeeI’m a good girl. I work hard, follow the rules, and only want a future with Mr. Right, complete with a white picket fence, 1.5 children and a dog.Genre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

15JanRelease DayWhen Ashes Fall by Marni MannIt’s been said that you can’t love two men at the same time. You can’t split your heart, soul, and body in half. But I’m here to tell you, you can.Genre:WomenRead more

15JanRelease DayHook by Chelle BlissFalling in love is supposed to be the easy part. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

15JanRelease DayRemedy by Kaylee RyanIt took one night with her to know she was my forever. It took one minute for me to climb out of bed and drive away from her. It’s taken me three years to confess that leaving her behind was the biggest mistake of my life.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

15JanRelease DayOne Chance, Fancy by Lani Lynn ValeBenson Bayou Beauregard is the president of the Bear Bottom Guardians MC, and the grandson of the Sergeant at Arms for the Dixie Wardens MC. He’s a mountain of a man and the warden of a prison, and there’s only one thing that can scare him—being told that he’s the father of a three-year-old little girl.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

15JanRelease DayBetting on Use by Kelly CollinsShe’s the daughter of an Irish mob boss. He’s the archenemy’s youngest son. Will they choose love or loyalty? Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

15JanRelease DayDragon Claimed by Donna GrantBorn to rule the skies as a Dragon King with power and magic, Cináed hides his true identity in the mountains of Scotland with the rest of his brethren.Genre:Paranormal RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:DragonsRead more

15JanRelease DayHot Justice by Lynn Raye HarrisShe's searching for justice. He's searching for peace.  What they need is each other. They just don't know it yet...Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:MilitaryRead more

15JanRelease DayGame On by Kelly JamiesonWhen the stakes are this high, it’s game on. . . .Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HockeyRead more

14JanRelease DayThe D-Man by Stephanie JulianOpposites attract…and ignite. Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HockeyRead more

14JanRelease DayYou've Got Male by Lila MonroeAll’s fair in love, war, and breakfast waffles…Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

13JanRelease DayThe Consequences of Falling by Claire ContrerasThe list of things I hate is short. Not even my soon-to-be ex-husband is on that list. Nope. I save only the worst of the worstGenre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

12JanRelease DayThe Measure of Home by Krista SandorHow much would you give up for your dream?Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

10JanRelease DayRuthless King by Maya HughesMy d*ck never got me in half as much trouble as my heart...Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

10JanRelease DayThe Fallback by Mariah DeitzBreaking up is hard to do. It's even harder when you're not expecting it.Genre:WomenKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Contemporary RomanceRead more

10JanRelease DayMr January by Nicole S GoodinThree years ago, Andy took a ride in the back of a police car and out of Dylan's life. Now he's fresh out of prison with only one goal in mind - win back the woman who wants nothing to do with him.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

10JanRelease DayCrucible by Natalie BennettThe smallest towns have the darkest secrets.Genre:Erotic RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:HorrorRead more

10JanRelease DayBitter Sweet Hell by Alex GraysonAs the Sheriff of Malus, Texas, JW takes his oath to protect its citizens very seriously. Born from an ugly past, he swears no child, woman, or man will ever endure what he and his brothers have.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

09JanRelease DayThird Strike by BJ HarveyFalling for your best friend's sister has never felt so bad yet so damn right. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Best Friend's SisterRead more

09JanRelease DayTrails of Love by Melissa FosterWhen Graham Braden travels to Oak Falls, Virginia to attend the wedding of his buddy Reed Cross to Grace Montgomery, he sticks around to help with renovations to Reed's new theater.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

08JanRelease DayDamien by J KennerI am Damien Stark. From the outside, I have a perfect life. A billionaire with a beautiful family. But if you could see inside my head, you’d know I’m as f-ed up as a person can be. Now more than ever.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

08JanRelease DayForever Broken by Carrie Ann RyanCheyenne Liles has watched all of her friends mate into the Talon Pack and have their lives changed forever, one by one. She’s stood back, helpless to assist in the war with a rival PackGenre:Paranormal RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:ShifterRead more

08JanRelease DayDeep in the Heart by Alexa PadgettShe's mending guitars and her life. He's trying to forget the war with music. Will one broken instrument make their love a smash hit?Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

08JanRelease DayPromises by Aleatha RomigThe twisted and intriguing storytelling that you loved in Consequences and Infidelity continues with the epic conclusion of the all-new alpha anti-hero in the dark romance seriesGenre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:DarkRead more

08JanRelease DayThe Novel Approach by Heather GuimondShe's the Sweetheart of Sweet Romance.  He's romance's reigning sex god.  When the two accidentally collide at a book conference, sparks - and their luggage - fly. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

08JanRelease DayEvidence of Desire by Lexi BlakeIsla Shayne knows she's in over her head. As former all-star linebacker Trey Adams's personal lawyer, she's used to handling his business dealings and private financial matters, not murder charges.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

08JanRelease DayFaking It by K BrombergZane Phillips mistook me for his dog walker. It shouldn’t surprise me that the man with a suit more expensive than my rent would assume that I was there to serve him. The positive? I put him in his place. The negative? I missed my job interview because of it.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

08JanRelease DayBurning for Autumn by Freya BarkerWhen Autumn McCoy accepted a temporary work contract in Durango, she thought it would be a safe way to add some spark to her existence.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Mature Law Enforcement RomanceRead more

08JanRelease DayReckless Love by Kelly ElliottThe first time I kissed Scarlet, I knew I was in trouble.  The night I slept with her, my life changed forever.  The day I found out I was going to be a father, I ran from her. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

08JanRelease DayTwisted Emotions by Cora ReillyNino Falcone is genius and monster. As the right hand man and brother of the Capo of the Camorra, his lack of feelings is a blessing, not a curse – until his brother asks him to marry for the sake of the Camorra. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Organized CrimeRead more

08JanRelease DayTeasing the Princess by Nana MaloneShe’s gone. Someone took her from me. I knew I wasn’t supposed to fall in love. But I did it anyway. And now it might have cost my princess - the princess - her life.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:RoyalsRead more

08JanRelease DayMicaden's Madness by VF MasonIf madness has a's hers. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:DarkRead more

08JanRelease DayWanted: An Outlaw Anthology by Various AuthorsGet ready to go for a thrill ride with 20 dangerous bad boys who live on the wrong side of the law!Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:OutlawRead more

07JanRelease DayForgetting Keven by Siobhan DavisShe’s the one who got away. He’s the boy she can’t forget…Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

07JanRelease DayFinding Alexi by Kendall RyanHe’s bossy, moody, and overprotective. Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:FootballRead more

07JanRelease DayHome by SE RoseHe’s focused on his career and ready to take on his future. She’s doing what she loves a million miles away from her past. And then their worlds collide.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

07JanRelease DayForward Progress by SR GreyMeet Graham Tettersaw, former star quarterback. He blew his first shot at success, but now he has a second chance at playing football . . . and at having a life. Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:FootballRead more

06JanRelease DayThe Kiss Thief by LJ ShenThey say your first kiss should be earned. Mine was stolen by a devil in a masquerade mask under the black Chicago sky.Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Enemies to LoversRead more

05JanRelease DayRansom by Laramie BriscoeFor years I’ve wanted two things - to be a member of the Moonshine Task Force and to be the man Stella Kepler can’t live without.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

04JanRelease DayDeal Makers by Laura LeeBut I did break one of the cardinal rules of Bro Code, which is equally appalling. You see, I fell for my best friend’s sister, after he explicitly forbid me to go near her.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Best Friend's SisterRead more

04JanRelease DaySufferance by KE OsbornWe were destined. But time and fate are not on our side.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

03JanRelease DaySubmitting to the Rancher by BJ WaneSydney finds more than she bargained for when she gets lost on her way to report for a new job and finds herself at a lifestyle club.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:WesternRead more

03JanRelease DayDon't Let Go by Willow WintersSeductive. Addictive. Captivating. The irresistible heroes in these stories have those three features in common.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

03JanRelease DayTri-Tip by Vanessa ValeAll three big cowboys are going to give her everything she ever imagined... times three. Oh, she'll get so much more than just the tip.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:WesternRead more

03JanRelease DayThe Secret to Dating Your Best Friend's Sister by Meghan QuinnHow do you date your best friend's sister? Easy.  Step one: Pretend you want her to set you up with someone else. That will bring the two of you closer.Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Best Friend's SisterRead more

03JanRelease DayFixed by Emma LouiseHe's my best friends brother. She's not over her ex.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Best Friend's BrotherRead more

02JanRelease DayRaw:Rebirth by Belle AuroraMy name is Alexa Ballentine, and I am still in love with my stalker.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:DarkRead more

01JanRelease DayWicked Knight by Sawyer BennettHe never wanted to be anyone’s hero…Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

01JanRelease DayA Place Without You by Jewel E AnnShe is his student.  Sometimes ... fate is forbidden.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Coming of AgeRead more

29DecRelease DayTainted Bastard by Terri Anne Browning“Tell me something true?”  Her sweet voice was like a siren calling me to her. Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HolidayRead more

28DecRelease DayThe Bad Boy Issue by Jessica HawkinsThe issue with bad boys? I’m not one—but I’m not about to put a stop to the rumors.Genre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

26DecRelease DayThe Dating Alternative by Jennifer WoodhullI have crushed on Brie ever since I first met her, but the timing was never right. Now, though, she's single and so am I. Just my luck, she's got me firmly planted in the friend zone.Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Friends to LoversRead more

25DecRelease DayYours After Dark by Marie ForceHe didn’t believe in love at first sight… Until it happened to him.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

21DecRelease DayOne Perfect Holiday by Rebecca NorinneI met Cassandra Lewis when I was twenty-one. By the time I was twenty-five, I was hopelessly in love with her. And at the ripe old age of thirty-eight, I was finally ready to do something about it. Genre:Holiday RomanceRead more

19DecRelease DayBella: The Beginning by Kimberly SotoI wanted to know Bella in every way, but she didn’t want to know me, not the man I really am—not with the secret I swore with a blood oath to protectGenre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:FamilyRead more

18DecRelease DayIce by Giulia LagomarsinoIce. Lady Killer. Perpetual bachelor. Until Lindsey stepped into his life, Ice had never considered having a relationship ever again.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:MilitaryRead more

18DecRelease DayThe Boyfriend Collector by Mimi Jean PamfiloffFINDING MR. RIGHT WAS NEVER SO WRONG...Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

18DecRelease DayPepped Up & Wilder by Ali DeanThe best part of a happy ending... finding out it's actually just the beginning.Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

17DecRelease DayRoom Mate by Katie AshleyFrom the time I was a kid, I knew I wanted a job helping people. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Action & AdventureRead more

17DecRelease DayThe Mentor and the Master by Tara Sue MeBefore he could become her Master, he had to be a mentee. Before he could become her teacher, he had to be a student. Before he could become her everything, he had to tell her all… Genre:Erotic RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:BDSMRead more

14DecRelease DayTis The Season by Kristen Hope MazzolaI am an outlaw. The son of Abel Hellock. The legacy of my club. They all called me too sweet for the life. My club was losing faith in me and the entire organization.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

14DecRelease DaySex, Love & Lingerie by Nelle L'AmourWe’ve been through so much together. An emotional rollercoaster of deceit and lies. But through our love and strength, we survived.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

14DecRelease DayUnzipped by Lauren BlakelyPicture this - I’m ready to win back the love of my life, and I’m going big this time. We’re talking boom box, sing her name in the rain, let the whole damn neighborhood know I'm good and ready this time around.Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

13DecRelease DayFree to Rejoice by Tracey JeraldReality destroys Jason's yuletide cheer leaving him as twisted as some of his family's holiday traditions. Will it take a miracle for Jason to find joy in the holidays? Genre:Contemporary RomanceTropes:HolidayRead more

13DecRelease DayUntil the Next Time by Josie KerrMeghan Sullivan doesn’t have time for distractions, especially one like handsome veteran Jason Richards.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:MilitaryRead more

13DecRelease DayUntrainable by Jamie SchlosserIt doesn’t take much to become the laughing stock of reality television.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:ComedyRead more

12DecRelease DayRoma King by Callie HartEvery night, Zara Llewelyn picks up the phone and assists people in distress. House fires. Assault. Motor vehicle accidents. Home invasions... Between the hours of six and two, she is the answer to a thousand cries for help. But when the payphone outside Zara’s apartment building mysteriously begins ringing night after night, the very last thing she wants to do is pick it up. And yet, she can’t seem to help herself...Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

12DecRelease DayChristmas in Kentbury by Claudia Y BurgoaIf practice makes perfect, I should excel at pretending that Heath Miller doesn’t affect me. Genre:Holiday RomanceTropes:Friends to LoversRead more

12DecRelease DayBlood Lust by Grace WhiteAn ancient dark power. Three species at war. A witch to unite them all. Genre:Paranormal RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Reverse HaremRead more

12DecRelease DayFaith by Andi Jaxon and AJ AlexanderI originally joined the Navy as an escape, to become more than a country farm boy. Being a Navy SEAL turned me into a man, but one without a life outside the military. Genre:Erotic RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Navy SealRead more

12DecRelease DayThe Way You Are by Sylvie Stewart“They say nice guys always finish last. I say the only place that should apply is in the bedroom—it’s just good manners, after all.” Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Friends to LoversRead more

12DecRelease DayHacked Hearts by Jade WebbMia Rollins has a problem.  A ten million dollar problem.  There’s a bounty on her head and some really shady people are hoping for a big payout when they find her.Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

11DecRelease DayRock Rebel by Tara LeighHe's a rock star with a secret, she's a pop princess with a painful past - can their forbidden romance survive, or will their lies destroy them both?Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Rock StarRead more

11DecRelease DayTall, Dark and Tempting by Erika WildeSerena has been in love with Dylan Stone for as long as she can remember, but she's searching for her happily-ever-after and that's not her best friend's thing. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Friends to LoversRead more

11DecRelease DayRory by Jordan MarieNoah was everything to me. When we were together, the world faded away.  He made me remember the girl I used to be. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

11DecRelease DayPermission by TM FrazierPermission is the conclusion of Grim and Emma Jean's story. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:DarkRead more

10DecRelease DayTroublemaker by Katie McCoyDante Delgado is arrogant, mysterious… and sexy as hell. He’s also my brother’s best friend, which makes him seriously off-limits Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:BrotherRead more

10DecRelease DayThe Blood That Drives Us by MN ForgyZane has learned everything he knows from his father, the most dangerous biker of The Devil’s Dust MC. He devours the darkness with a cocky grin and no f**** to give. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

10DecRelease DayA Good Time by Shannyn SchroederCan freedom mean forever? Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:FamilyRead more

10DecRelease DayMemories of Us by Kennedy L MitchellI'm a desperate man.  The memories I've lost now threaten my future.  After years spent escaping my family's high society drama, I'm back in town to fix my past. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

10DecRelease DayLeather and Mistletoe by Crystal Daniels and Sandy AlvarezA fast paced, over the top, Insta-Love RomanceGenre:Holiday RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

07DecRelease DayThe Flynn Sisters Box Set by Kristen CaseyMeet the Flynn and O’Connell sisters: four women who just need one more chance to get things right… and fall in love with the four men who are only too happy to hand it to themGenre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Steamy Box SetRead more

07DecRelease DayFighting For You by Gianna GabrielaJesse Falcon has dedicated his life to one cause: to fight against that which has taken so much from him. Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:CollegeRead more

07DecRelease DayBad Reputation by SL ScottBeing bad never felt so good.  I fell for Ally the moment I saw her. Who doesn't like a confident, intelligent woman with curves I could spend days exploring?Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Royals,Second Chance RomanceRead more

07DecRelease DayUnleashed by LA Fiore and Anthony DwayneThe quaint town of Ogg’s Point rests on the rocky coasts of Maine. Native Rutledge Raines left home with no plans of returning, but years later he is drawn back to sell his late grandmother’s house. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:SecretsRead more

07DecRelease DayPlaying with Fire by Emma DohertySophie Steele is looking forward to summer break: no school, no responsibilities, hanging out with her best friend, Livy, and the boy she’s been casually dating for the last couple of months. Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

07DecRelease DayVerity by Colleen HooverLowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer on the brink of financial ruin when she accepts the job offer of a lifetime. Jeremy Crawford, husband of bestselling author Verity Crawford, has hired Lowen to complete the remaining books in a successful series his injured wife is unable to finish.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:ThrillerRead more

07DecRelease DayThe O'Connell Sisters Box Set by Kristen CaseyMeet the Flynn and O’Connell sisters: four women who just need one more chance to get things right… and fall in love with the four men who are only too happy to hand it to them.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Steamy Box SetRead more

07DecRelease DayCabin Fever by Mara White & K LarsenWhen a rugged mountain man rescues a sleeping beauty from the snow, two strangers are flung together to ride out the blizzard of their lives.Genre:Holiday RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

07DecRelease DayTripping on a Halo by Alessandra TorreIt’s really hard to save a guy’s life when he keeps running from you.Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

06DecRelease DayScorched by Misty MalloyI’m done with the dragon shifter lifestyle. No more Dragon Gatherings. No more fancy dinners. And most certainly no more hanky-panky with dragons at the shifter nightclub.Genre:Paranormal RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Reverse HaremRead more

06DecRelease DayJock Rule by Sara NeyKip Carmichael is no pretty boy. He's a rough. Dirty. Giant. Hair so unruly, and a beard so thick, his friends on the team call him Sasquatch.Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:CollegeRead more

06DecRelease DayFixing Him by Miranda ElaineI never expected to fall for this man or this town.  This was just supposed to be a stop on the way to starting my real life.  But now, time is up and everything feels wrong.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

06DecRelease DaySlow Shift by Nazarea AndrewsOne angry, grieving boy.  Chase DeWitt is fourteen when his mother dies and he stumbles into the woods beyond his home, angry and heartbroken. He didn’t know that it would change the course of his life. Genre:Paranormal RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:ShifterRead more

06DecRelease DayFraud by RC StephensEleven years together and today I find out . . . I don’t know the first thing about the man I’m sleeping beside every night.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:SuspenseRead more

06DecRelease DayEnchanted by You by Hilaria AlexanderI had no idea that my seven-year marriage would implode during our long awaited and needed vacation to AlbuquerqueGenre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Second Chance LoveRead more

06DecRelease DayHotshot Doc by RS GreyDr. Russell has a bad reputation around our hospital. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:BossRead more

06DecRelease DayImmortal Flame by Kim LoraineThe end is here and the only one who can stop it is lost. Genre:Paranormal RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

06DecRelease DayAcross the Horizon by Aly Martinez“Sometimes love happens when you least expect it.” That was what my husband’s mistress told me the day I found out about their affair. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Second Chance LoveRead more

06DecRelease DayEngaged to the EMT by Piper RayneLuca Bianco is a jerk. There I said it.Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

06DecRelease DaySend Sunshine by Heather MacKinnonCan her light overcome his darkness?Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

06DecRelease DayDamon by Teagan WildeDamon came into my life when I needed him the most. I’d never imagined my mate would be the Alpha of the most notorious pack around.Genre:Paranormal RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:ShifterRead more

06DecRelease DayStark Memory by Ceri GrenelleOpal…doesn’t want to remember.Kindle Unlimited:NoRead more

06DecRelease DayShopping for a Baby's First Christmas by Julia KentMy mother wants all her kids and grandkids to spend Christmas Eve at her house and wake up on Christmas morning together. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

06DecRelease DayHigh Reward by Brenna AubreyHigh Reward, the second part of Gray Barrett and Ryan Tyler’s duet, will conclude their story in the Point Of No Return series.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:MilitaryRead more

05DecRelease DayKeeping Kane by Jillian QuinnTwo hot hockey players A complete misunderstanding… And an unplanned pregnancyGenre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:HockeyRead more

05DecRelease DayWhere Bad Boys Are Ruined by Holly ReneeI ate leftover cupcakes and cracked macarons for breakfast.  I was ninety percent sure he simply ate up girls like me.  I was covered in paint splatters, cake batter, and sweat the first time I met him. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

05DecRelease DayThe Ex Effect by Karla SorensenThe headline could write itself: Matthew Hawkins, star defensive end, comes out of retirement to play for the Washington Wolves. Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:FootballRead more

05DecRelease DayWithout Shame by Victoria L James and LJ StockDrew Tucker is gone. The man Ayda Hanagan loves has disappeared into the darkness once again, his mind buried in the torture of grief, his body cold and hard, and his heart completely switched offGenre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

04DecRelease DayMy Bad by Lani Lynn ValeHoax knows two things very well. One, he’s not relationship material. Two, the nurse that treats him for erectile dysfunction is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and practically has ‘the marrying type’ stamped on her forehead.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

04DecRelease DayThe Darkest Captive by Gena ShowalterFor centuries, Galen the Treacherous has been the most hated immortal in the Underworld. With good reason! This bad boy of bad boys has lied, stolen, cheated and killed with abandon.Genre:Paranormal RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

04DecRelease DayLucky Christmas: A Novelette by KL DonnA guy walks into a bar… No too cheesy. A girl see’s him across the room… Nope, not quite. He’s a Grinch, she’s an Elf… That’s the one!Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HolidayRead more

04DecRelease DayThe Dirty Ones by JA HussThey said write what you know so that's what I did. I wrote dirty, I wrote erotic, I wrote the truth. And then they called me a liar. But it's not me who's lying, it's them.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

04DecRelease DayThe Man Bible by LA CaseyDo you know what you’ve got in your hands?  A little piece of fucking treasure, that’s what. I’ve taken initiative here and have turned my trusty Man Bible into an actual survival guideGenre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

04DecRelease DayInto the Riot by Karen ReneeAugustus “Razor” Richardson is prospecting with the Riot MC after being renounced from his old MC. He has a past and a reputation as a ladies’ man, but rarely does a woman so blithely give him the brush-off.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

04DecRelease DayThe Renegade by Jennifer BernardThe last thing she expected was a billionaire under the mistletoe … Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HolidayRead more

04DecRelease DayWrapped in Love by Lexi RyanA one-night stand with the boss was never in her plans. Neither was falling in love . . .Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HolidayRead more

04DecRelease DayMake You Mine by Tia LouiseA promise written on a coaster. A lost night in a dark room. Grayson Cole was my brother’s best friend. He was all of my firsts. Then he went away...Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:BrotherRead more

04DecRelease DayOutcast by Lexi BlakeOn the hunt for a vicious killer, Kelsey discovers that the true threat lies closer than she could have ever imagined.Genre:Paranormal RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:VampiresRead more

04DecRelease DayFumbled Love by Lila RoseThe one day English teacher Reagan Wild is late for work—and looks like she dressed herself in the dark—she remembers Carter Anthony, a well-known football star, is coming to the school to deliver a talk to her overexcited students. Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

03DecRelease DayEverbound by Donna GrantTo live in the light, they hunt in the dark…Genre:Paranormal RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

03DecRelease DayAll of Me by AL JacksonPeople call me callous. Arrogant. Ruthless. I call myself tenacious. One of the most powerful attorneys in Charleston, I don’t let anyone or anything stand in my way.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:ForbiddenRead more

03DecRelease DayHard To Leave by S JonesI was a single mother with nothing to offer him. The last thing I needed was a complication in my life. Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Single MomRead more

03DecRelease DayBetting On Her by Kelly CollinsShe’s a renegade Russian mob princess. He’s an ex-con trying to go legit. Can they stay out of trouble long enough to fall in love?Genre:Action and Adventure RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Contemporary RomanceRead more

03DecRelease DayMister Bodyguard by Lauren RoweA bodyguard, a beauty, and a bet.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Friends to LoversRead more

03DecRelease DayChristmas Sugar by Melanie MorelandDylan Maxwell is a busy man. His no-nonsense approach to life and business keeps him balanced—and alone. His life is bland—devoid of any kind of sweetness or light.  An unexpected business trip close to Christmas, however, brings three people into his life he never expected.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:HolidayRead more

03DecRelease DayText Me, Cupid by M Jane ColetteHoliday stress has never been this hot.Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HolidayRead more

03DecRelease DayNot Just Another Rock Star Romance by Lisa SuzanneI’ve never been able to say no to my manager, which is probably why my band instated the No Bang Oath. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Rock StarRead more

01DecRelease DayScar Me by India R AdamsMonsters in the night aren’t what I had to fear. It was him…Genre:Romantic SuspenseRead more

30NovRelease DayJust One Kiss by CA HarmsWhat do you get when you mix Tequila with a house full of rowdy Fraternity brothers who have no boundaries? A cucumber, a pink thong, and a bottle of lube. Oh yeah, and super glue. There is always super glue…Genre:New AdultTropes:CollegeRead more

30NovRelease DaySleighed by Annie DyerZack Maynard likes to keep things simple in his small town: he runs his care home for the elderly, spends his evenings at his brother’s bar and climbs the hills and peaks of his area. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HolidayRead more

30NovRelease DayThe Enlightened by Cassandra RobbinsMy secret’s out. Reed knows the truth. The destruction’s done. There’s no taking it back. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:SecretsRead more

30NovRelease DayEggnog Makes Her Easy by Erin NicholasLindsey is expecting silent nights this holiday. Just her and her boys while her husband serves overseas.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HolidayRead more

29NovRelease DaySex, Lust & Lingerie by Nelle L'AmourShe's on her knees. Gloria Long. Just for me.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

29NovRelease DayBoink by Winter TraversLetting his president's sister get kidnapped was not Boink’s finest hour as a member of the Fallen Lords MC. Now it’s time to pay the price protecting the very woman who distracted him from his job in the first place. Genre:Action and Adventure RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

29NovRelease DayHis Christmas Family by Melissa McCloneTwo and a half years after Grace Wilcox’s husband died a war hero, the hole in her heart and life remains. She wants to start over with their young son, but a snowstorm thwarts her plans, stranding them in Hood Hamlet. When Grace knocks on a stranger’s door in search of help, a handsome firefighter comes to the rescue.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Single MomRead more

29NovRelease DayDirty Sin by NE HendersonSins may be committed in the name of justice—because I will save my future husband.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Forbidden LoveRead more

29NovRelease DaySnap Decision by Jami DavenportBad boy quarterback Tyler Harris plays ball for a living and breaks hearts for a hobby. Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:FootballRead more

28NovRelease DayTaken by Felicity BrandonOne obsessed fan. One captive author.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:DarkRead more

28NovRelease DaySevered by Dani ReneMy world was hell on earth, son of a man who was evil incarnate. Hate was all I knew.Genre:Dark RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:GothicRead more

28NovRelease DayVow of Honor by Emma RenshawI can’t stand Tatum from the second she walks into the room. Everything about her puts me on edge—from her small delicate curves to the smile that she refuses to lose. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

27NovRelease DayMelt With You by JH CroixA wedding, a one-night stand, and no happily-ever-after. That’s how it all started with Max Channing.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:FirefighterRead more

27NovRelease DayFatal Invasion by Marie ForceA brutal home invasion. Two small traumatized survivors who may have witnessed the horror. Lieutenant Sam Holland has never worked a case quite like this one, in which her eyewitnesses are five-year-old twins. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

27NovRelease DayInsistent by Kaylee RyanShe came into my life without warning. It wasn’t love at first sight, but the more time I spent with her, I knew she was the oneGenre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

27NovRelease DayHavoc by Kindle AlexanderDriven yet lonely, Alec yields to his family’s demands for his career path, hoping for the acceptance he craves. Until he meets a gorgeous biker who tips the scales in the favor of truth…and he can no longer live a lie.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:MM RomanceRead more

27NovRelease DayUntil Cobi by Aurora Rose ReynoldsCobi Mayson knows exactly who Hadley is to him the moment he sees her for the very first time. That doesn’t mean it will be easy for him to convince her to take a chance on him. Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

27NovRelease DayPerfume Girl by Vanessa FewingsTrue passion can't be bottled. A stolen formula. A seductive suspect. A dangerous romance.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Workplace RomanceRead more

27NovRelease DayPerfectly Inappropriate by Stacey KennedyA woman scorned and a politician with a wild side connect online—and explore their hottest fantasies in the flesh.Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Contemporary RomanceRead more

27NovRelease DayHer Mafioso King by Terri Anne BrowningCristiano Vitucci walked away from me without a backwards glance, deciding power was more important than me. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Organized CrimeRead more

27NovRelease DayRend by Roan ParrishAfter a whirlwind romance, a man with a painful past learns to trust the musician who makes him believe in happy endings.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:MM RomanceRead more

27NovRelease DayHunky Heartbreaker by Kendall RyanEverything’s bigger in Texas. And that includes Duke Wilder’s sexual appetite.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

27NovRelease DayPlaying by Heart by JB SalsburyJesse Lee is the worst!Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Enemies to LoversRead more

27NovRelease DayBlinding Echo by Tina SaxonWe were best friends at ten.  Lovers at sixteen.  Going to be married at nineteen.  Until she woke up one day and couldn't remember me. Genre:Romantic SuspenseTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

27NovRelease DayLove With Me by Kristen ProbyBest friends from college. Plus-ones since med school. A chance for something new...Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

27NovRelease DayBuried Lies by Kaylea CrossShe left her painful past behind.....Now a killer is watching her from the shadows. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

26NovRelease DayA Gentleman for Christmas by Prescott LaneSome say “chivalry is dead.”  I don’t think so. Most women I know like a gentleman.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HolidayRead more

26NovRelease DaySex Material by Victoria AshleySex Material…  It’s what I’m known around town for. A rock-hard body, covered in tattoos with a sizeable bulge that women spend their nights fantasizing about.Genre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

26NovRelease DayTainted by Tess ThompsonOne career-ending mistake sends Lance Mullen home to Cliffside Bay in search of a fresh start. And in no time at all, home begins to feel like the place he was always meant to beGenre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

26NovRelease DayOnly Love by Melanie HarlowA gorgeous former Marine with a tortured soul. The beautiful, compassionate therapist living next door. A meddlesome grandma determined to get them together.Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

26NovRelease DayThe Wish Collector by Mia Sheridanstory of shame and triumph, of loneliness and love, and the miracle of two hearts connecting despite the strongest of barriers between them.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Magical RealismRead more

26NovRelease DayThe Illicit Revealed by Brittani MariWesley Black was a man who was off limits to me for obvious reasons, but I moved closer to him anyways­­­–Indulged myself in his dangerous touch. Skillful hands. Sensual mouth.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

26NovRelease DayKnights Rising by Bella JewelSome things are best left alone.  I know this. I should stand by it.  That would be the safest option for me.  But, well, I just can’t do that.  Because the thing I should leave alone…is everything.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

22NovRelease DayHis Second Chance by Melissa McCloneNothing interests Sarah Purcell more than the volcanoes she studies until she meets Dr. Cullen Gray. Maybe that’s why she marries him two days later. Illogical, yes, but nothing has ever felt so right. As the honeymoon period ends and real life sets in, everything falls apartGenre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:Second Chance RomanceRead more

22NovRelease DayZenko by Annabella StoneZenko Marks can count on his fingers the number of people he trusts, he protects what is his and he fights like his life depends on it,Genre:MM RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:MilitaryRead more

21NovRelease DayLasts by CL MatthewsHe’s married. He’s forbidden, but I want him. Knowing what can never be kills me.Read more

20NovRelease DayThe Italian Kitten Meets The Russian Wolf by Grace ReagalDo you know the story of Romeo and Juliet? Well, this isn’t their story. This is our story, Valentin’s story…my story.Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Organized CrimeRead more

20NovRelease DayMs Lawyer by Lea CollShe’s the new public defender in town. He’s running for sheriff.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

20NovRelease Day4th & Girl by Max Monroe4th & Girl: A story where time is almost up, and the girl of his dreams is just barely out of reach.Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:FootballRead more

20NovRelease DaySacred Sins by CD ReissYou know what they say about family. Blood is thicker than water.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

20NovRelease DayLove Money by Jami WagnerSam. Jett. Clint. Jimmy. One I need to keep alive. One is stalking me. One has lied his way into my heart.  And the last one ... he's going to kill me if I don't give him what he wants.Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Contemporary RomanceRead more

20NovRelease DayMisadventures on the Rebound by Lauren RoweAfter getting canned from her dream job this morning and played in spectacular fashion by her boyfriend this afternoon, Savannah “Savvy” Valentine is having a truly awful day. Which is why she’s currently drowning her sorrows in whiskey and self-pity in a shabby bar along the route to Las Vegas.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

20NovRelease DayKennedy by Addison JaneI was paying off a debt.  One that wasn’t mine. Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

20NovRelease DayDo You Feel It Too by Nicola RendellFor urban-legend hunter and television host Gabe Powers, it’s business—investigate the most notorious haunted places in Savannah. Then he meets his new sound engineer, a dewy Georgia peach who may just turn this gig into (im)pure pleasure.Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

20NovRelease DayDriven to Distraction by Lori Foster