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TBR Insider is a website that makes it easy for romance readers to find books they want to read, when they want to read it.

Every single day, romance readers are searching for a new book to read. Many times, they know what kind of book they want to read, but don’t have an easy way to search for books that meet their needs. So they go and ask for recommendations.

And while recommendations are great, the reader still needs to go to their preferred retailer and search every author and book individually. And lets be honest, they don’t go and search EVERY suggestion because it is such a laborious task – they will tend to stop on the first one that captures their attention.

But with TBR Insider, we take the hard work out of looking for suggestions

We have created a way for readers to come and select exactly what they are looking for and get suggestions from our book database instantly.

When they select a trope, all books that match are shown in a comprehensive list directly on the page. Readers can then browse through the suggestions, read blurbs, look at covers and link through to buy.

Readers no longer have to go to a retailer site and do the manual work of looking through the suggestions. This increases the likelihood of more suggested books being browsed.

And if a book interests them, they can save it to their own searchable TBR list

Every book that is included on TBR Insider has a HEART button, so the reader can save the book to their TBR list.

Every saved book then appears on their MY BOOKMARKS page. This page also includes our trope and genre search feature. As a result, readers can search their OWN TBR list to get instant suggestions of books that sounds great to them during previous searches.

Readers now have intelligent TBR lists that do all the hard work for them when they are wanting to find something to read. This increases the likelihood that even if your book is not selected initially to read, it will be suggested again when readers search their TBR lists.

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How it works

Any romance author can add their books to our website for free. All you need to do is register an account with us, login and submit your book to be included in our database.

You will be able to include your cover, blurb, genre, up to 2 tropes, and buy link.

Once your submission has been approved, your book will appear in the searches for your nominated genre and tropes.

You are then free to tell your fans that your books can be found on TBR Insider.

You can read how easy it is to add your books here: https://tbrinsider.com/add-book-to-tbr-insider/

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Pre-release promotions

In addition to our reader database and search options, TBR Insider also has a current signups calendar that is promoted to romance bloggers.

It is getting increasingly more difficult with social media and emails going to SPAM and promotions inboxes, to ensure that your upcoming release is being seen by bloggers who would love your work.

We wanted to help make it easy for your release blitzes, cover reveals and review opportunities to be found by bloggers.

Our open promo event calendar has been designed so bloggers can quickly browse all open promotional events in one easy to find place, regardless of the pr/promo company hosting your events. Promotional events are listed in date order, so bloggers know exactly when you are releasing your book.

Much like our reader search, these listings include the genre for your book, as well as the main book themes, to attract the right bloggers to your book.

Your signup form is embedded in your listing, so bloggers do not have to leave our website to signup to your event when they are interested.

And we have also designed a way to prefill forms for registered bloggers

Because if you ask any blogger, they really hate having to fill out forms with the same information over and over again. And when they are sick and tired of filling out forms, they don’t typically come back to signup later.

So we do it for them. They fill out their details on our website once when they register and then we use this information on every form we include.

Because you have a dedicated landing page for your book, you can easily share it with bloggers

So now you are giving them less reasons to come back to your form later. You are giving them a form that is 90% completed, so all they really have to do is click the options for dates.

Getting listed is simple....

It is exactly the same process for signing up to the reader database, through your profile page, but simply choose bloggers instead of readers.

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