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We want to help you get your books in the hands of as many ideal readers as possible.

Our dedicated book listings, book theme search and custom LookBook samplers are all designed to compliment your current online marketing activities.

Designed to be eye catching and easily shareable – everything we do is to help draw a reader to your book.

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Website Listing & Release Day Post

FREE of charge to all romance authors.

Your book will be listed on our main romance release calendar on your release date. An individual book page will also be created.

Each standard website listing includes:

  • Cover;
  • Genre;
  • Blurb;
  • ONE trope keyword;
  • Kindle Unlimited Enrollment Information;
  • Purchase Link (we do not use affiliate links on our website); and
  • One click buttons to add your book to a reader’s calendar.

See example here:

The following pages also have our search filter functions enabled:

You can see how simple this is to use by watching this 20 second video.

As well as being listed on our website, your title will also be part of our daily new release post across social media.

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TBR LookBook

An Interactive & Custom ``Look Inside`` of Your Book

Give readers a way to fall in love with your characters, writing and story.

Our LookBook’s are designed to help you entice readers with an interactive “look inside” of your book that reads like an ebook.

Your custom LookBook is hosted online, is always available, and highly shareable. This makes is easy to use in your social media and/or newsletter advertising and promotion.

Capped at Chapter 1, draw readers into your story and get them wanting more.

At the end of your preview, readers can simply click to purchase your book on any of your selected retailers.

To make it simple for readers to recommend your book, your LookBook includes one click share buttons for social media. Your cover, title and a short grab it will automatically populate. No login or download required.

HTML & iFrame code is available if you want to embed the LookBook on ANY website to use throughout your promotions and marketing.

Browse a custom LookBook:

In addition, your book will be included as a FEATURED book on our website, plus:

  • Link to LookBook on your listing
  • 2 additional keywords
  • Featured on home page for 1 month
  • Individual social media posts (as well as LookBook linked in daily combined social media post)

Curious how your LookBook can be used as part of your marketing? Click here to read about 7 ideas on using TBR LookBooks in your marketing

COST: $40 (USD)

Turnaround time: approx 3 business day

Book Custom LookBook

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly

Premium Listings Are No Longer Available.

These features have been rolled into our new custom “look inside” LookBook