Keeping Score

One more careless mistake and I could lose the career I’ve worked my entire life for—I could lose everything. My last year has been wrapped in one scandal after another, and I am done. Done with the jersey chasers. And done with women… for the time being. Or so I thought. Sophie Thomas, a local […]


Virulent: Book Two in Revenant Series(Description contains spoilers for Book One)On a hostile, disaster-ridden planet ravaged by a virus, humans and vampires fight for survival. But staying alive might be easier said than done in a world where the dead don’t stay dead. Living among the devastation is Abby Rose, a member of the Vanguard, […]

The Devil of Blackhill Hall

The heart in love never gives up hope. Caroline Lesage was not what the London Ton was used to – an outspoken, penniless, American orphan with an unusual heritage. After a life of being second best, she longed for a simple life and a family of her own. She certainly had no interest in the […]

Harmony’s Embrace

Divorced dad Birley Haynes is too busy raising his children and running his family’s music academy to start a relationship. Then Harmony Holdich, his high school sweetheart, returns home to Willow Springs, Vermont for Christmas and falls into his bed. She brings light and fun back into his life, but he can’t brush aside the […]

Out of Ruins

Tensions rise and enemies are made as Jules and West’s story continues. “Guilt. A painful, lonely feeling. It seeps into your pores slowly as you go through life day by day. Like a disease, it blackens your heart with thoughts and memories of what you did, or in my case, what you didn’t do.” Surviving […]

Loss in A Major

The co-writing duo of Mindy Michele brings you the much anticipated conclusion of Ridley and Reagan’s story. A tale of music, forgiveness, and second chances. In each other they found a connection stronger than they could have imagined, but one night of devastation alters everyone they love. Sometimes we have to walk away. Sometimes we […]

Subway Stops and the Places We Meet

She was a stranger who helped him when he was in a bind. Two months later, they meet again and again. In a city of millions, is that coincidence or fate?   COLE After a grief-filled year assuming guardianship of my orphaned teenage half-siblings, they’re heading to college, and I’m moving to New York City, continuing […]

Satin & Grit

An unexpected friendship deepens, while an unexpected love threatens their future. At twenty-six, Grace Embry is a success story—loving big sister, successful entrepreneur, loyal best friend—to everyone but her mother. What does she lack? A diamond ring on a certain finger. While her best friends settle down, Grace is no closer to finding love than she was […]

Copper & Ink

A weekend camping trip with friends unveils their attraction. What will one week expose? Brynn Harris lives an idyllic life until love deals her a wicked hand. Crushed, she returns to Seaside Pointe and barricades her heart. The plan works well for two years until a weekend spent around her brother’s former college roommate sparks a […]

Blossoms & Steel

Chloe Lockwood’s legacy balances on a tightrope. Her nemesis holds the rope. As the sole heir of Lockwood Blooms, the flower farm is Chloe Lockwood’s priority. After her father suffers a stroke, Chloe takes the reins. She’s confident in her skills growing the most beautiful blossoms in the Pacific Northwest, but keeping the farm her […]