Destroyed by Fire

Shifter Town has been destroyed by fire.Now my mates need to learn to work together,to save the half-breed baby in my womb. All my life I’ve been told I’m an abomination;A half-breed that shouldn’t exist.Now that I’m free from the pack that kept me in chains,I want a better life for me, my baby, and […]

All For You

Ariel Devlin is a high-powered advertising executive with ambition and too much stress. Desperate for balance, she enrolls in a yoga school to teach her certain lessons. Breathe. Stay calm. Be in the moment. And ignore her sexy yoga teacher who is becoming a major distraction… Grant Madison runs a yoga school and lives by one […]

Billionaire Mogul—Beckett

So, I tell off the cocky stranger I’m trapped in an elevator with. I never expected he’d turn out to be my new boss. Our first encounter is a disaster. He blames me for the mechanical failure. Okay, he might be right, but I’m unwilling to concede. As the minutes tick by, he decides to […]

Marry a King

The graduation ball sealed her fate.The unmasking ceremony chained her to my side.The most beautiful woman in Andromeda.Cassiopeia Brookes-Stanley, a vision wrapped in sin. Aquamarine eyes that steal my breath and capture my soul.Soft curves that beg for my attention with an innocence she will surrender only to me. I long to hear her gentle […]

Fierce Mate

One minute I’m running from a crazed stalker. The next I’m in the arms of Kade Reynolds. Huge, fierce, ex-military, and apparently, intent on protecting me at all costs. My one rule as far as guys are concerned: never date a cop. But the pull between us is doing very bad things to me. And when Kade also becomes my 24-7 […]

Hot Seal Daddy

Never get your best friend’s daughter pregnant… 14 years ago, I rescued Alexa from her jaded life and swore to protect her since. I was taught to protect and control.Hell, I must’ve been out of my damn mind,Crossing the “no-touch” zone when her 20-year-old seductive curves landed in my bed. She didn’t care I’m decades […]

Road Trip

Sometimes the journey is just the beginning… When Hailee’s boyfriend doesn’t come home, again, she packs up her entire life and gets in her car. A road trip to Las Vegas to stay with her sister is supposed to be a lonely journey of self reflection. Then she meets Carter. Four people. Four destinations. Four […]

Tainted Princess

Francesca De Marco dedicated her life to the Mafia.And the Mafia took without shame.It took her mother. It took her brother.It took everything.And still, she gave. But no matter her hard work and commitment,A woman would never be taken seriously in a man’s world.To the Family, her only use was her ability to be married off.To […]

Hunted Dragon Mate

JESSIEBeing hunted is nothing new for me.Taunting fate is. No one’s hotter than a dragon shifter, and the one whose house I’m about to break into is no exception. From his picture, he’s gorgeous, ripped, and ready for action. Too bad getting marked by a dragon shifter would destroy my life. After an altercation with […]

Peter and the Alliance

My name is Peter Gravlock, and I have a new name for the new world my lover, Magnus, is attempting to create…with my help, of course. Everything depends on convincing the recalcitrant leaders of the forest settlements to come together, and who is better positioned to whisper in the ears of the most powerful men […]