Road Trip

Sometimes the journey is just the beginning… When Hailee’s boyfriend doesn’t come home, again, she packs up her entire life and gets in her car. A road trip to Las Vegas to stay with her sister is supposed to be a lonely journey of self reflection. Then she meets Carter. Four people. Four destinations. Four […]

Tainted Princess

Francesca De Marco dedicated her life to the Mafia.And the Mafia took without shame.It took her mother. It took her brother.It took everything.And still, she gave. But no matter her hard work and commitment,A woman would never be taken seriously in a man’s world.To the Family, her only use was her ability to be married off.To […]

Hunted Dragon Mate

JESSIEBeing hunted is nothing new for me.Taunting fate is. No one’s hotter than a dragon shifter, and the one whose house I’m about to break into is no exception. From his picture, he’s gorgeous, ripped, and ready for action. Too bad getting marked by a dragon shifter would destroy my life. After an altercation with […]

Peter and the Alliance

My name is Peter Gravlock, and I have a new name for the new world my lover, Magnus, is attempting to create…with my help, of course. Everything depends on convincing the recalcitrant leaders of the forest settlements to come together, and who is better positioned to whisper in the ears of the most powerful men […]

Old Fashioned Sweetie

I’ve never been one to believe in things like love at first sight. Those flights of fancy are best left to characters in books and movies—or my roommate, Jade. Because it’s during her sudden wedding that I have my own ‘soulwink’ moment. With the groom’s brother no less. It seems too crazy to be true, […]

What the heart wants

My life hasn’t always been easy.After a life saving surgery, I spend years trying to find myself.I end up getting a job working for the four most gorgeous men that I have ever met.They make my knees weak and my heart race.It doesn’t take long before I’m in their arms and bed.I’ve never been in […]

Caring Fireman Daddy

It is love at first sight, but neither one has learned how to love let alone to trust. BETSYI like playing games as much as the next Little, but I’m tired of playing emotional games and am ready for the real thing.I want to find my Daddy.Maybe a game of Hide and Seek will bring […]

The Rest of Forever

She longs for the perfect life… …but can she find it in death? High school history teacher April Carter never asked to be an angel. When she dies at the young age of thirty, she should go to heaven like a normal person. Instead, she wakes up in the afterlife as an angel-in-training with Damian […]

Third Time’s a Ghost

The past isn’t the only thing that’s haunting… Paranormal investigator and IT genius Gage Dawson sucks at dating. Ten times out of ten, his relationships don’t make it past dinner. But when his childhood best friend comes back into his life, he’s determined to take her all the way to breakfast. He never told her […]

Second Chance Spirit

He’ll give her his heart…if the ghost doesn’t take it first. Trent Austin is a successful, big-city lawyer. The last thing he needs is the burden of a run-down house in the suburbs. But when his crazy uncle dies and leaves his estate to Trent, he soon learns he’s inherited a lot more than a […]