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heriff Larson is about to show single mom, Faith, that he’s a man who always gets his woman… I’ve had my eyes on Faith Bridges for months now.I haven’t made a secret of it, but she’s not giving me the time of day.In fact, she’s driving me crazy. There’s a pull between us and I […]

Room Two: Love is Blind(folded)

When the stress of my job as a 911 operator takes its toll, I’m not just desperate to unwind, I need some serious TLC. I want to throw caution to the wind and trust that everything will be okay.So when a wickedly attractive man who’s been watching me from across the bar makes an offer […]

Unbreakable Biker Daddy

She was forbidden. He craved her anyway. IsabelWe aren’t prepared for this.I’m the daughter of the president of the Black Hawk motorcycle club.We’re only a small club, with about a dozen members or so.But we care about our community.However, we’re not ready to handle the growing threat of the Demons.They’re growing power too quickly.There’s only […]


Aniello Assanti was a monster dressed in a gentlemen’s suit. He was everything I should’ve feared and run away from. A walking nightmare. He belonged to an organization that valued money over life; power over free will; codes over love. And if that wasn’t enough of a deterrent, he was strictly forbidden. I, Rosalia Lombardozzi, […]


He was supposed to protect me. Instead, he became the monster who turned my dreams into nightmares.He was supposed to love me. In the end, his love was poison, leaving me tarnished and hollow.His death was supposed to bring me peace. But, his memories continue to terrorize me. Since his first lecherous touch I’ve had […]

Christmas with the Beast

One look, one heartfelt moment and that’s all they had. Could either forget or was it enough to invade their souls and become a part of them? Franco: I had no idea when I decided to thank the chef for a delish meal that I’d lose my heart to the most beautiful woman that ever existed. […]


From contemporary romance author, A.K. Evans, comes a new brother’s best friend rock star romance… Walker Rhodes has never been the typical rock star—one who is happy with meaningless hookups. That’s because he’s been hiding a secret from his bandmates for years. Sadie Emerson knew it was risky to open her heart to Walker, but […]

The Highlander’s Tale: Alex

1719, the Highlands of Scotland The Jacobite rising has failed. The Stuart king remains in exile in Italy, leaving Clan Gregor’s dreams of restoring their name and lands unattainable. In despair Alexander, chieftain of the Loch Lomond MacGregors, hopes that his young but gifted son Alex will one day restore the clan’s fortunes. Yearning to […]

A Wanton for All Seasons

Love is more than a charade as USA Today bestselling author Christi Caldwell reunites two wounded hearts in a stirring novel about second chances, scandal, and defiant romance. Annalee Spencer and Wayland Smith were uninhibited young lovers until the Peterloo Massacre set them on two different paths. Raised to the title of Baron of Darlington in recognition […]

Small Town Cowboy Rescues Her

I thought letting my billionaire rancher friend help me out in a time of need would be easy. Boy, was I wrong. Ethan Wilson and I have been friends for years. We’re both active in our small town and like to whistle while we work. A distraction is the last thing either of us needs. […]