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02JunRelease DayStripping it Down by Renea PorterWhen you lose all hope, what's left to live for? Author: Renea Porter Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:No Book Themesalpha male,contemporary romance,divorcee

06JunRelease DayThe Afterworld by Joanne SextonGluttonous sex and addiction keeps her going back for more, even after losing her job, she can’t get enough of the club. Author: Joanne Sexton Genre:Erotic RomanceKindle Unlimited:No Book Themeserotic,friendship. romance

12JunRelease DaySecrets by S.E. RoseOn a quest to find her biological family, one woman discovers secrets more sinister than anything she could have imagined. Author: S.E. Rose Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:No Book ThemesNew Adult,Series,Vacation Romance

12JunRelease DayPull You Through by Kaylee RyanFrom the moment we met, I knew he was different--I just didn’t realize he'd change my life. Author: Kaylee Ryan Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:No Book ThemesMilitary,New Adult,romance

13JunRelease DayRoped By Remy BlakeWhat started out as a one time thing has turned into so much more and we’re running out of time. When this job ends will I return home or remain here with my heart? Author: Remy Blake Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:Yes Book ThemesHEA,novella,smutty

14JunRelease DayLoving the Wounded Warrior by Adriana AndersShe was the last person I expected to run into on this mountain in the middle of nowhere. But I wanted her, even if it was a bad idea. Author: Adriana Anders Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:No Book ThemesMilitary,Stranded,Virgin Hero

14JunRelease DayLoyal Subjects by Eva CharlesAllegiance, faithfulness, honor... Loyalty goes by many names. Author: Eva Charles Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:No Book ThemesFamily Series,Second Chance,Single Mom

14JunRelease DayPlaying for Keeps by Samantha LindFriends with benefits—it never works. Someone always ends up wanting more.  Author: Samantha Lind Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:No Book Themesfriends to lovers,hockey,sports romance

15JunRelease DayBreak Your Heart by Tracey AlvarezFake girlfriend. Real sizzle. What could possibly go wrong? Author: Tracey Alvarez Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:No Book Themesbeach read,contemporary romance,small town

15JunRelease DayReckoning by Jessica RubenBut letting her go again isn’t an option—not this time. Juggling the life I want with the one I was born into may be near impossible, but for her, it's a risk I'm willing to take. Author: Jessica Ruben Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:Yes Book Themesangsty,forbidden love,mafia romance

18JunRelease DayMister Tonight by Kendall RyanHe took me home, and I enjoyed the hottest birthday sex of my life. Well, until it came to a screeching and rather unwelcome halt. Author: Kendall Ryan Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:No Book ThemesHEA,single dad

19JunRelease DayKandiland by TL SmithHe was forbidden, my boss and incapable of loving me. Author: TL Smith Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:No Book ThemesBoss,broken lover,HEA

20JunRelease DayUndeniably His by Emery JacobsHow could he walk away from the one he promised to love forever? Author: Emery Jacobs Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:Yes Book ThemesHEA

21JunRelease DayFamily Ties by Stephie WallsShe was off limits. Author: Stephie Walls Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:Yes Book Themescollege,step-siblings romance,taboo

22JunRelease DayEverything I Never Wanted by K. StreetShe was the storm I never saw approaching. Behind her beauty and sarcastic wit, she was just as broken as I pretended not to be. As hard as I tried to resist, it was impossible not to fall in love with her. Author: K. Street Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:Yes Book ThemesHEA,single dad,single parent

22JunRelease DayCry Baby by Ginger ScottHe was born ready to die. She changed everything Author: Ginger Scott Genre:YA RomanceKindle Unlimited:No Book Themescoming of age,high school,teen romance

23JunRelease DayCliché by Ryleigh SloanI didn’t fit into his world. I didn’t fit into his plans. I only wish I’d discovered that before falling in love with him and changing the game plan. Author: Ryleigh Sloan Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:Yes Book Themescelebrity,friends to lovers,HEA

26JunRelease DayMafia Prince by Bella JBut she’s back, the woman who destroyed me. Only this time she’s one of them—the enemy.  Author: Bella J Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:Yes Book Themesdark,mafia romance,second chance romance

26JunRelease DayLove Redefined by Delancey StewartCan Mike overcome the darkness in her past enough to trust that Chance might be more than just a fantasy? Can Chance Palmer move past the pain of his first love and fall again? Author: Delancey Stewart Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:Yes Book Themesreturn to hometown,second chance romance,small town

26JunRelease DayChase by Lane Hart & DB WestShe may be able to handle the threat, but she can’t escape the man who broke her heart. Author: Lane Hart Genre:Romantic SuspenseKindle Unlimited:Yes Book Themesmotorcycle romance,Second Chance

27JunRelease DayKnowing You by Rebecca DonovanUnder suspicion for a crime she watched him commit, Lana will pay for her silence Author: Rebecca Donovan Genre:YA SuspenseKindle Unlimited:No Book Themessuspense

28JunRelease DayShameless King by Maya HughesA deliciously steamy enemies with benefits romance. Author: Maya Hughes Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:Yes Book Themesenemies to lovers,HEA,hockey

29JunRelease DayDo Not Respond by M.R Field"Stick to the rules and you won’t have a problem working for this arrogant, sanctimonious cad."  Author: MR Field Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:No Book Themesenemies to lovers,office romance,second chance love

30JunRelease DayWithout Regret by Aubrey BondurantRejection and I have an understanding: I don't put myself out there and it doesn't screw with my life any more. Author: Aubrey Bondurant Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:Yes Book Themesalpha male,erotic romance,office romance