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20SeptRelease DaySecret Admirer by Harlow LayneHer love could set me free from the shadows...Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Stalker Standalone or Series: Standalone 0 Save This BookRead more

18SeptRelease DayBack Beat by Ryleigh Sloan (Release Blitz)I had dreams. Big ones. And Dean Carter did everything in his power to help me achieve them. Until we fell in love and everything fell apart.Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Trope:Second Chance Romance Standalone or Series: Standalone 0 Save This BookRead more

17SeptRelease DayDeath in the Night by Allyson Lindt (Release Blitz)Every lover. Every betrayal. Every death. Kirby remembers it all. The gods will pay for the suffering they’ve caused in this life and those she's lived before. The only questions are where and how?Choose Genre:Urban Fantasy Standalone or Series: Legacy, Book Two 0 Save This BookRead more

16SeptRelease DayNo Saint by Rie WarrenTo him, she’s absolutely irresistible. To her, he’s nothing but bad news. When their fates collide, the only thing they have in common is destined to tear them apart. Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:YesChoose Trope:Dark,Motorcycle Romance Standalone or Series: Blood Legion MC, Book 3 0 Save This BookRead more

15SeptRelease DayWar by Michelle Brown (Release Blitz)Sick and twisted? That’s me. I always wanted what was wrong, and yet I didn’t care. Now, he needs me and if I have to destroy the world to do it, then that’s what I’ll do.Choose Genre:Dark RomanceChoose Trope:Dark Standalone or Series: Standalone 0 Save This BookRead more

12SeptRelease DayDouble Bossed by KL RamseyDid you love the Last First Kiss series? Now you can pick up where Ivy\\'s story left off with her younger sister, Airiana and her two alpha bosses Jarrod and Justin Grayson.Choose Genre:Erotic RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:YesChoose Trope:Menage,Surprise Baby Standalone or Series: Taken Series Book 1 0 Save This BookRead more

10SeptRelease Day12Unravel by Kathy CoopmansI’m Logan Mitchell, and I hold many secrets in my greedy hands. Women? They bow at my feet.Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Dark Standalone or Series: The Unbound Trilogy, Book 1 2 Save This BookRead more

03SeptRelease DayGrit: A Love Story on 7th and Main by Elizabeth Hunter (Release & Bookstagram Blitz)He’s been patient; she’s been busy. Patience is running out.Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Friends to Lovers Standalone or Series: 7th and Main (Interlocking Standalones) 0 Save This BookRead more

01SeptRelease DayPeterson's Debt by Audrey Ravine (Release Blitz)Dr. Nova McDaniel has spent her life becoming the best emergency room doctor in Georgia, but when her estranged, gambling addicted father, and only living relative, dies leaving her the childhood house that haunts her dreams she has to figure out her next move. Especially now, with her dad's Russian mobster friends hounding her to pay off her dead dad's debt.Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Trope:Military Standalone or Series: Healing Series, Book 3 0 Save This BookRead more

31AugRelease DayTest Book by Test AuthorThis is where you put something fancy!Choose Genre:Dark RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:YesChoose Trope:Age Gap,Alpha Hero Standalone or Series: Standalone 0 Save This BookRead more

29AugRelease DayLattes and Slapshots by Melody Heck Gatto & Mary SmithWill Nathan be able to slapshot his way into Veronica’s latte world?Choose Genre:Sports RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Hockey Standalone or Series: The Boise Grizzlies, Book 1 0 Save This BookRead more

28AugRelease Day30Ruined by A.K. MacBrideLove? I have no space or need for it. I'm perfectly happy with my little girl being the only woman in my life.Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Trope:Single Parent,Small Town Standalone or Series: Standalone in series, Book 3 0 Save This BookRead more

26AugRelease DayYou Will Bow by Ember MichaelsAfter years of hiding, I thought I’d escaped him; but you can’t hide when you belong to the devil.Choose Genre:Dark RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:YesChoose Trope:Dark Standalone or Series: Rules of Bennett, Book One 0 Save This BookRead more

23AugRelease DayImmortal Devotion by Gwen KnightIt’s an undead blood feud… And it’ll be the death of me.Choose Genre:Paranormal RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Vampires Standalone or Series: Collaboration - Vampire Mates 0 Save This BookRead more

21AugRelease DaySaved by Him by Kristie LeighI’m always running, hiding to avoid the reality that has become my life. Hunter didn’t deserve the destruction I left in my wake—I just hope it’s repairable.Choose Genre:New AdultChoose Kindle Unlimited:YesChoose Trope:Friends to Lovers,Second Chance Romance Standalone or Series: Like a Hurricane Duet (Book 2) 0 Save This BookRead more

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