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17OctRelease DayThe Second We Met by Maya HughesDear Jerk Across the Street, sorry for accidentally walking in on you and catching an eyeful of your—equipment. And hard pass on the open invitation to join you in the shower “anytime”, A-hole.Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:YesChoose Trope:New Adult,Sports Romance Standalone or Series: Fulton University 2 0 Save This BookRead more

15OctRelease DayYou Will Break by Ember MichaelsThe ultimate sins must be paid for in blood and it’s time to paint the town red.Choose Genre:Dark RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:YesChoose Trope:Dark Standalone or Series: Rules of Bennett, Book 2 0 Save This BookRead more

15OctRelease DayProphecy of Magic by Crimson SynDangerous fates, mysterious curses, twisted fairy tales, and doomed prophecies... Explore new worlds in Prophecy of Magic: a collection of over twenty urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels curated especially for the genre\\'s biggest fans!Choose Genre:Paranormal RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Twisted Fairy Tales,Why Choose Standalone or Series: Anthology 0 Save This BookRead more

15OctRelease DayStrip for Me by Georgia CoffmanA story that starts with "Once upon a time in Vegas..." isn't supposed to end with "happily ever after."Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:One Night Stand,Vegas Romance Standalone or Series: The Naked Heat Series, Book 1 0 Save This BookRead more

09OctRelease DayDeath in the Night by Allyson LindtEvery lover. Every betrayal. Every death. Kirby remembers it all. The gods will pay for the suffering they’ve caused in this life and those she's lived before. The only questions are where and how?Choose Genre:Urban FantasyChoose Kindle Unlimited:Yes Standalone or Series: Legacy, Book Two 0 Save This BookRead more

08OctRelease DayUnintended by Kyra LennonHe's too young. She's too damaged. But since when has love played by the rules?Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Friends to Lovers Standalone or Series: Standalone 0 Save This BookRead more

08OctRelease DayPoet by Crimson SynI’ve been left for dead. Twice. I’ve been threatened countless times. And yet someone up there still wants me alive. My name is Poe Chambers, better known as POET. A name given to a murderer. Sh*t happened and now I have to live with my mistakes. Yet, in the center of all my chaos, there’s an angel. And my vow is to never allow her to suffer again.Choose Genre:Romantic SuspenseChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Motorcycle Romance,Second Chance Romance Standalone or Series: Death Row Shooters MC Book 2 0 Save This BookRead more

08OctRelease Day10Undone by Kathy CoopmansI’m Logan Mitchell, and I hold many secrets in my greedy hands. Women? They bow at my feet.Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Dark Standalone or Series: The Unbound Trilogy, Book 2 1 Save This BookRead more

07OctRelease DayThe Amendment by Melanie MorelandWhen the life you know becomes the life you had, how do you cope? How will Richard and Katy overcome The Amendment?Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Family Saga,Marriage Standalone or Series: The Contract Series, Book 3 0 Save This BookRead more

05OctRelease DayExistence by S.C. LewisShe lives to explore the ocean and share its beauty. He’ll take her somewhere beautiful without ever leaving the bed.Choose Genre:Erotic RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:YesChoose Trope:Dark Erotic Fantasy Standalone or Series: The DevilGod Series Book 1 0 Save This BookRead more

30SeptRelease DayAlma Underwood Is Not A Kleptomaniac by Lacey DaileyAlma Underwood is not a kleptomaniac. But she does take things that don't belong to her. Choose Genre:YA RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:YesChoose Trope:First Love,HEA 0 Save This BookRead more

24SeptRelease DayIrish Eyes and Mafia Lies by J. Haney and S.I. HayesCan Onóra trust this Irishman who claims neutrality? With the Irish and Italian’s looking for them does she have a choice?Choose Genre:New AdultChoose Kindle Unlimited:YesChoose Trope:Mafia Romance Standalone or Series: Standalone 0 Save This BookRead more

23SeptRelease Day27The Love and Lust Series by Cassandra CrippsState Trooper Lacy Greene's youthful, gothic appearance makes her perfect for an undercover operation inside a local high school infested with drug dealers and gangs. But what she doesn't expect is to be attracted to a sexy gym teacher who has no idea who she really is.Choose Genre:Romantic SuspenseChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Student Teacher Standalone or Series: Complete Series 0 Save This BookRead more

22SeptRelease DayCrossing The Line by Linny LawlessRide hardcore with some bad boy bikersChoose Genre:Romantic SuspenseChoose Kindle Unlimited:YesChoose Trope:Motorcycle Romance,Suspense Standalone or Series: novella standalone 0 Save This BookRead more

20SeptRelease DaySecret Admirer by Harlow LayneHer love could set me free from the shadows...Choose Genre:Contemporary RomanceChoose Kindle Unlimited:NoChoose Trope:Stalker Standalone or Series: Standalone 0 Save This BookRead more

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