24 JANUARY 2019


24JanRelease DayWork in Progress by Staci HartI never thought my first kiss would be on my wedding day.Genre:New AdultKindle Unlimited:YesTropes:Marriage of ConvenienceRead more

24JanRelease DayProtagonized by Shannon MyersDescribe Jake Hopkins in two words?  Boozing womanizer.  So, maybe he solved cases with a precision not seen since Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. It didn't matter. The guy was a grade A prick. Genre:Romantic ComedyKindle Unlimited:NoRead more

24JanRelease DayRectify by Marley ValentineWe weren’t just young, we were stupid and reckless. He was the beginning of every bad decision I made, the enemy of everyone I’d ever loved.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

24JanRelease DayLiving for Forever by Scarlett BlackIf love is their sin, then together they lie, bound to one another, their love living for forever. Genre:Romantic SuspenseTropes:Motorcycle RomanceRead more

24JanRelease DayFree to Breathe by Tracey JeraldBaker Corinna Freeman cut all ties with Colby Hunt when she learned what the handsome military officer really thought about her and her cooking skills.Genre:Contemporary RomanceKindle Unlimited:YesRead more

24JanRelease DayPretty Young Things by Ace GrayGreed. Jealousy. Lust. Genre:Contemporary RomanceRead more

24JanRelease DayRoyce by Kat MizeraJust because opposites attract, doesn’t mean they belong together... Genre:Sports RomanceKindle Unlimited:NoTropes:HockeyRead more

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