Daddy’s Million Dollar Proposal

I couldn’t refuse a proposal that would change my life…but also destroy me at the same time. Devin, or should I say Devil, came into my life and offered me a million bucks.In exchange for something impossible.Something that turned my world upside down.He asked me to be his girlfriend.Calm down… his fake girlfriend, but still.Had that cold-hearted […]

Revenge Secrets

It was supposed to be a fake relationship to get revenge. Now, it looks like I’m the one getting hurt. Olivia Cassidy is trouble—it was obvious the first time I met her.She’s a thorn in my side.I bought a company and fired most of the staff—including Olivia. What I didn’t expect was that Olivia would […]

Dirty Deal

An Instalove Mafia Romance ISABELLAI’m a prisoner. My father never lets me out, and not because he’s protective.The one time I glimpse at freedom, and I’m a prisoner all over again.Doesn’t matter how handsome Greco is. Doesn’t matter he’s the one man who ever treated me like a person.I’m not falling for that Stockholm sh*t. […]

Park Avenue Pretender

I love being a manny. Love it. Especially when my boss goes on extended business trips and leaves me with the keys to his Park Avenue penthouse. I mean, sure, I’ve got to watch his daughter, but she loves me almost as much as she loves her favorite K-Pop group. Really. All is going well […]

Harry Knight

A sexy BBW, English man romance by Monica J Charles of BWWM Club. Amanda Sterling has worked hard to leave her difficult past behind her. Now a well-respected accountant, she is making her own way in the world… But there is one thing she is lacking—her love life! Billionaire Harry Knight goes where he wants, […]

Say Yes to the Boss

My billionaire boss is the absolute last person I’d marry.Until a deal with the devil forces me down the aisle… ready to say yes to the boss. I once compared Victor St. Clair to Satan, but that’s unkind.Even the devil treats his demons better than St. Clair treats me.I know his schedule by heart. He […]

My Billionaire Fling

A secret fling and media scandal incites a very public, fake engagement. When the news breaks, a twenty-year secret threatens to destroy us both. Gabe Lugreno is everything I avoid in a man. He’s arrogant, bossy, wealthy, and…American. Also, he’s younger than me and won’t take no for an answer. When I give in to a […]

Dr. Graves

We just met and made love of a lifetime, Too bad I don’t remember any of it! One coffee date changes everything. Losing my memory gives me a chance to see things from a different perspective. Two men have been watching over me. Both are delicious. How do I make a decision when I don’t […]

Dirty Boss Daddy

He’s a much-older man. A billionaire. A CEO. And also my boyfriend’s boss. My boyfriend lost his mind one day and decided to show my scandalous selfies to his boss. Why in the world would he do that? I hate bro-culture, I swear. But Malcolm Neuwirth is no regular billionaire. In fact, the CEO likes […]