Santa Got Run Over by a Vampire

Father Christmas has just been damned to darkness. Jane Devereux is adjusting to her new life as a nocturne fabulously. She runs the most popular nightclub in the French Quarter and is married to the hottest vampire in New Orleans. When she accidentally runs over Santa Claus and has to turn him into a vampire […]

Sign Steal Deliver

He may be the god of thieves, but he’s not ready for the one who steals his heart. Calico shifter Kat Gataki has a plan. All she has to do is swipe the key to the underworld so she can get down to Elysium and apologize to her sister for being a royal witch with […]

Forever Winter

A perfect Christmas wedding, a snowstorm, and a shocking secret. What could go wrong? Susanna Lorican must marry the man she loves before the truth is discovered, or face the gossip of the ton. With an unexpected snowstorm injuring the minister, her future hangs in the balance. Viscount Camden Beckinworth vows to keep his bride […]

His Christmas Wish

Carly Bishop loved Christmas…until tragedy struck. Distraught and grief-stricken over the deaths of her fiancé and brother, she left Hood Hamlet and her Christmas spirit behind, to start over somewhere new. But now, six years later, her family needs her. Carly returns home to face her past and give her niece and nephew the best […]

Decidedly With Mistletoe

Kissing-under-the-mistletoe rule #1: never kiss your ex-fiancée. Oops. My plans for the Christmas break include: 1. Drive to Lake Tahoe, 2. Learn to ski, 3. Enjoy hot, earth-shattering sex (and end my sex drought!), 4. Meet my Forever Love under the mistletoe. Right—the last one was my friend’s prediction, but you never know. What I […]