Copper & Ink

A weekend camping trip with friends unveils their attraction. What will one week expose? Brynn Harris lives an idyllic life until love deals her a wicked hand. Crushed, she returns to Seaside Pointe and barricades her heart. The plan works well for two years until a weekend spent around her brother’s former college roommate sparks a […]

Indecent Protection

I’ll protect the Mafia princess,I’ll fight off the mob and her family.But I’ll take a price.I don’t care what she is, I’m having her for my own. Dear Reader,Giovani’s sizzling instalove is hard against the rules. Lucky for us, we don’t mind slamming the pedal to the metal. Xo, Frankie and Alice The Dirty Kings of Vegas is a mafia romance series […]

Betting Blind

A new heart-pounding, roller-coaster romance from the author of The Art of Loving Ellie, Loren Beeson. Cassidy Smith is desperate for some excitement. Her free-spirited best friend keeps her on her toes with the occasional misadventure, but deep down, she just needs… more. When the girls stumble into a bar known for its bad reputation and […]

Strip for Me: A One Night Stand, Instalove Romance

They’re not looking for love, but will one night in Vegas be enough? Sebastian I have one rule: don’t date women from our show. But this means nothing after my instant connection with Kendall. I can’t help myself—she’s a mystery I need to solve—and the more I get to know her, the more I start […]