Tender Strokes

Both could use a tender touch… Zach has always felt like a wallflower. Too shy to make friends or talk to the boys he had crushes on.He finds solace in music, playing drums to his heart’s content. But one night changes all of that forever, leaving him with haunting memories and scarring trauma. Deepak is […]

The King’s Mage

“It’s inevitable. We love, it burns us, we love again. Or we don’t, and we wither on the vine.” Emile de Guillory swore off love the night his wife died in his arms. Bazyli Drakos loves too deeply, despite what he stands to lose. The night of Prince Adrien’s marriage to Isiodore de Mortain, Bazyli […]

Desert Dreams

When danger stalks their new home, it’s only their strength as a couple that keeps them safe. Ryker misses Jacob every day he’s away. At the start of a new Raptors season with everything to play for, Jacob, the desert ranch, and their small menagerie of animals have become an oasis of peace in a […]

The Underdog

Anders:There once was a guy who told a little white lie. That didn’t turn out so well. I would know. I’m the guy.Once upon a time, I told my brother and sister that I wanted to do a triathlon. I never expected them to sign me up for one! Now I’m forced to deal with […]

Bad at Love

Bad at making decisions or bad at love? Either way, Kendall Blakemore doesn’t trust his judgment. He falls too hard, too fast, and always for the wrong guy. Needing a major shakeup, Kendall moves into his own place for the first time and seizes a new career opportunity. But everything he thought he wanted turns out […]

Not Safe At Home

Ex SAS reserve, S.Sgt. Rex Brown has worked undercover contracting since his early retirement from Special forces active reserves, after the incident that broke up their team in Afghanistan. Returning to Blue Hyde at the behest of Capt. Sam Richardson in a bid to aid with the last known location of ex-lover and teammate MN1 […]

Peter and the Alliance

My name is Peter Gravlock, and I have a new name for the new world my lover, Magnus, is attempting to create…with my help, of course. Everything depends on convincing the recalcitrant leaders of the forest settlements to come together, and who is better positioned to whisper in the ears of the most powerful men […]

The Featherbed Puzzle

Prince Arthur needs to get married. He’s the only heir, he’s twenty-five years old, and his mother keeps sending eligible princes and princesses his direction. Arthur’s not opposed to the idea, but so far every suitor’s been awful, and he’d like to at least like a prospective future spouse. But on one dark and stormy night, a […]

Never Stay Gone

Six bodies in a single grave… in the same West Texas country where Dakota left everything behind. Every beat of my heart belongs to you. Thirteen years ago, Dakota Jennings thought he’d found his forever when he fell in love with Shane Carson. But one afternoon shattered their love story, and both Dakota and Shane […]

Illuminating his Bear

On the Road: On the mend from the biggest mistake of his life, a giant panda shifter is on the cusp of receiving the greatest of gifts… if the man’s mind can be restored. Zhaul had just wanted a night of fun… away from the responsibilities of his panda sleuth. Accepting the offer of a […]