Chasing Cars and the Lessons We Learned

She’s a crazy American. He’s a brooding Finn. When she barrels through his quiet life, nothing will ever be the same. AMBER After a plane crash made me an orphan, I set my future’s course for the gutter. Although my brothers continue dragging me out, happiness eludes me. Lost and alone, I do what any […]

Paper Planes and Other Things We Lost

On June 18, 1992, Flight 397 crashed off the coast of Long Island. But this story isn’t about the crash. Not completely. RUBY My senior year begins a little differently than I planned. My mom wasn’t supposed to be dead. The likelihood of dying in a plane crash is one in five million. I guess […]

Raven & Ice

He’s a pro at protecting others, but can he protect his heart? She may be young, but Mia Mason doesn’t play life safe. Until her quest for answers puts her in harm’s way. Already reeling from unexpected news, being attacked in a place she considers a haven rattles her. Filled with secrets only his two best friends […]

Satin & Grit

An unexpected friendship deepens, while an unexpected love threatens their future. At twenty-six, Grace Embry is a success story—loving big sister, successful entrepreneur, loyal best friend—to everyone but her mother. What does she lack? A diamond ring on a certain finger. While her best friends settle down, Grace is no closer to finding love than she was […]

Copper & Ink

A weekend camping trip with friends unveils their attraction. What will one week expose? Brynn Harris lives an idyllic life until love deals her a wicked hand. Crushed, she returns to Seaside Pointe and barricades her heart. The plan works well for two years until a weekend spent around her brother’s former college roommate sparks a […]

Slow Burn

My new neighbor ticks all the right boxes.Tall – check.Muscular – check.Tatted – double check.Until he opens his mouth.Adam is grumpy, rude, and obnoxious as hell.And I really should tell him exactly where he can shove his insults.Instead, I bite my tongue.He intrigues me, and I can’t fight the need I have to find out […]

License to Bite

It’s all fun and games until someone wakes up dead. Governor’s daughter Jane Anderson is used to getting what she wants. When a girls’ trip to Mardi Gras thrusts her into the arms—and fangs—of New Orleans’ hottest vampire, he gifts her with immortality, super strength, and a complexion to die for. There’s only one tiny […]


Matthew Bennett has suffered the worst sort of betrayal a man can ever know, and he’s trying to put his life back together after years of unhappiness and emotional neglect. He desperately needs the care and devotion of a good woman, someone who will not only erase the hurt he’s experienced, but help him cope […]

Miss Fortune: An Opposites Attract Office Romance

Caleb Morrison is the most uptight man I’ve ever met – and he’s my new boss. One moment he’s cold, the next he’s unexpectedly sweet. It’s enough to give me whiplash. Despite my attraction to him, I’m convinced we’re too different to be more than friends. But then he flips the script and I’m left […]

Take Me Down

Parker Knight was going through the motions… and then he met her. Parker Knight lived and lost his dream. Now he works for his family’s business, wearing a suit and pretending to be happy. A weekend away to plan a corporate retreat turns into a revelation when he lays eyes on Emily Stevens, the sexy […]