Subway Stops and the Places We Meet

She was a stranger who helped him when he was in a bind. Two months later, they meet again and again. In a city of millions, is that coincidence or fate?   COLE After a grief-filled year assuming guardianship of my orphaned teenage half-siblings, they’re heading to college, and I’m moving to New York City, continuing […]

Copper & Ink

A weekend camping trip with friends unveils their attraction. What will one week expose? Brynn Harris lives an idyllic life until love deals her a wicked hand. Crushed, she returns to Seaside Pointe and barricades her heart. The plan works well for two years until a weekend spent around her brother’s former college roommate sparks a […]


What happens when twin sisters switch places? Scarlett and Charlotte have been estranged for years, and the secret that tore them apart pushed them into two very different life paths. One became a rock star and the other a biker chick. Can walking in each other’s shoes mend their relationship and heal old wounds?The exciting […]

Inevitably You

“A rollercoaster ride of emotions.” Raising my daughter on my own is hard enough, but when you add in a psycho ex-husband and not enough money to make ends meet, there are times when I want to put my head down and never pick it up again.  Except my daughter deserves more than that. I […]

Where Forever Ends

My life is split into two parts—then and now. Then: I was a wife. Married to a man who was my world and the father of my child. Then, one day, half of my heart was ripped out of my chest. Now: I’m a widow. A single mom who has spent the last nine months […]

Loyal Subjects

Loyal Subjects Eva Charles

Allegiance, faithfulness, honor… Loyalty goes by many names. Emmie Landon is off-limits. She has a young son, works with my brother Jake, and lugs around enough baggage to fill an entire football stadium. But I can’t resist her long, shapely legs and thick, soft curls, begging to be wrapped around my hands. Mark Harrington is […]

Do Not Respond

“Stick to the rules and you won’t have a problem working for this arrogant, sanctimonious cad.” The Rules of DNR: How to Survive Working for Cole Lawson Do Not Emails are meant to be sent to yourself only—never to be re-read or responded to. Vent about your mean boss and don’t focus on the scruff […]