Varsity Captain

June Mabee is a lot of things.She’s the girl next door.She’s the best friend I ever had.She was my first kiss, as awkward as it was.And she’s the last person I should have feelings for. Ever. Two years ago, I cut all ties with her because I had no choice. No more late night phone calls, […]

A Lakeside Thanksgiving

Barbara Terry is enjoying working with her sisters at the Lakeside Inn more than she thought she would. But with almost no winter reservations, they need to do something to increase their revenue to meet their loan payments. Putting her marketing and social media skills to good use, she creates a plan that will give […]

Love in a Pickle

When a mysterious silver fox becomes intrigued with this small town’s most disliked society woman, he finds she’s more than a little trouble and possibly a whole lot of heart. Scotia Simmons. The name says it all—ornery, judgmental, mean—but underneath a woman like that is typically a shattered heart. Locked within her secrets, this fried […]

Confessions of a Domestic Goddess

What do you do if your life is a fixer-upper? TV lifestyle expert Bailey Holmes is about to take her show, Domestic Goddess, to the big time. With a major network deal, a new sponsor, and series of shows around her upcoming wedding, she’s poised to become a media darling. When an ugly breakup and unflattering podcast […]


No one ever goes into marriage expecting it will end in divorce. Every day became a struggle as I saw the man I once loved become someone I didn’t recognize. But for my son, I knew I had to work up the courage to walk away. Starting over in a small town wouldn’t be easy, […]

Small Town Dragon Next Door

He was always my haven when life got bad,The hot young man who seemed to constantly save me from myself. We lost touch after I lost my father, even though we remained neighbors.Then he came charging back into my life when I needed him most. His alpha attitude is mixed with a concern and interest […]

Faith and the Rock Star

Childhood Sweethearts, a Rock Star, and a parrot called Syd! Ryan Lawrence wasn’t on Faith Harris’s list of favorite people. He’d broken her heart after one magic night together, then walked away to find fame. Forgive and forget wasn’t her motto, so when his handsome face appears back in Lake Howling, it’s fair to say […]


Eva I’m a romance writer on a deadline.My readers want me to write a mountain man series.Only, I’ve never ever seen a mountain man much less know how to write one.So I book a stay at a cabin outside the small town of Three Rivers hoping it’ll inspire me.It’s perfect, until it’s disruptively noisy.The serene […]

Magnolia Mountain PD

The brave men of Magnolia Mountain PD protect and serve this small-town community, but when they’re off duty, they want nothing more than to protect and serve the women of their dreams. Join these handsome heroes as they find love with five unique, beautiful women! Each short story in this collection promises romance, steam, and […]

Obsessed Cowboy

She’s the preacher’s daughter and she’s off limits.I’m an over-the-top, obsessed cowboy.I can lasso wild horses, loose cows and the orneriest of bulls…but I can’t seem to catch the curvy Janie Bradshaw. She’s too young and she’s way too good for the likes of this ol’ cowboy, but I can’t stop thinking about her. She has more […]