And do readers really need another website sharing new romance releases?TBR Insider New Releases Page

In a nutshell, TBR Insider is a website for romance readers to easily find new and upcoming romance releases. I created TBR Insider as a place for you to browse current releases that you may miss on social media.

I know at the moment that it feels like every other day romance readers are hearing about some great new website, app or platform.

And there are great platforms out there other than social media that I recommend you check out, such as Bookbub and Book+Main. Not to mention all the amazing, hardworking bloggers that are sharing their love of all things romance books!

I am not here to replace these.

My mission is simply to make it easier to find books you want to read. That’s it!

As with anything new, it can be a bit overwhelming to think about having to navigate how to do things. I have tried to make TBR Insider as user friendly as possible. But I’m here to breakdown how to use the great search options to find books you’ll fall in love with.

How To Use TBR Insider

Five ways to search new releases on tbr insiderYou do not have to login or register to use TBR Insider.

When you first land on the new and upcoming releases page on TBR Insider, you will notice is that all the books are listed in date order for the current month.

You can easily browse the book’s title, author, genre, kindle unlimited enrolment and book themes.

Click the title for more information about the book.

As mentioned above, I have included a range of search options to make your experience as personal as you want.

Search by Release Date

Release dates are the default search option, with the current month appearing as default. You can switch between months by either clicking on the month title or using the arrows.

Search by Author

Looking for a release by a particular author? Simply select their name from the author search dropdown option. This will only show releases for the month selected.

If you want to search all months, simply enter the authors name in the search box on the main menu.

Search by Genre

Got a favorite genre? Use the genre dropdown and click on your choice. This will only show releases for the month selected. Use the month titles or arrows to browse through other months.

Search by Kindle Unlimited

We allow you to easily search new releases that you can read with your kindle unlimited subscription. Simply select YES from the kindle unlimited search option. This will only show releases for the month selected. Navigate to other months to find more books.

Search by Book Theme

There is no denying that sometimes, you want a book that suits your particular reading mood. Well the authors on TBR Insider make that easy for you. Each new and upcoming release includes their themes so you can find exactly what you want to read.

Again, only the current months results will appear. Easily navigate other months to find more books

You are NOT limited to ONE search item at a time

TBR Insider does not limit you to one search option at a time. For example, you can select your genre, kindle unlimited enrolment and book theme to get books that really hit your reading mood.

When a romance book catches your interest

To learn more about any book that captures your interest, simply click on the title. All the books information will drop down on the same screen.

We make it even easier for you to decide if the book is right for you. Simply click Read Excerpt to see if the writing captures you.

And if it does, simply click the Amazon button to purchase (we do not use affiliate links).

If it’s not released, save it to your calendar

I wanted to make sure that there was a way for you to be easily reminded about a book releasing, because not all romance books shared are released.

So that’s why I included links to add the release to your calendar. By clicking the links, the book’s title and author information will be added to the date of release on your calendar. It’s my small way to help you never miss a book you want to read.

It’s time to get back to discovering what we love most, new books and authors. And I hope that TBR Insider can help make that as easy for you as possible.


Are you an author interested in having upcoming release listed?

I’d love to include you. You can find out all the information that you need by clicking here.

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